Jolo Holy Rollers - They Call Us Holy Rollers (LP)

Jolo Holy Rollers - They Call Us Holy Rollers (LP)


* Fourteen Explosive Unreleased live recordings from the Legendary Church of Lord Jesus,Jolo,West Virginia.

* 12” Vinyl,Limited Edition.

* Gatefold Sleeve including historic Jolo collage & liner notes from the man who made these momentous recordings possible Anthony Feyer.

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Mitat 35 × 35 × 0,5 cm
Tuotekoodi ICR #005
Tuottaja Idle Cherub Records
Vuosi 2022

A1 Homecoming
A2 They Call Us Holy Rollers
A3 On The Banks Of The River
A4 I Saw The Holy Ghost Light
A5 Covered By The Blood Of The Lamb
A6 Jesus On My Mind
A7 People Say We’re Crazy
B1 Never Met A Man Like Jesus
B2 Drifting Through The Wind
B3 Praise God
B4 I’ve Seen Love Like I’ve Never Seen Before
B5 Jesus Met A Woman
B6 Jolo Stomp
B7 Can’t Get Up All By Myself