Buckshots - Too Hot To Handle (CD)

Buckshots - Too Hot To Handle (CD)


The former singer of the Pop Punk Legend PSYCHOTIC YOUTH founded with two well-known people of the Swedish Rockabilly scene the band THE BUCKSHOTS.

It didn’t take long before they become the very special Tip in Rock’n’Roll and Hot-Rod scene! The live gigs are pure energy and are always a wild Rock’n’Roll Party. This is ’modern’ Rockabilly with classic influences by Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran, but also sounds much like the early Brian Setzer and his Stray Cats. Add some cool Country, Surf, Swing and for sure the pop appeal that makes Psychotic Youth so famous and you get this fantastic Retro-Band. This is not for style purists, this is something for everyone who loves cool Rock’n’Roll Music.

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Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQ1k1uZUHi8
  • 1. The Devil Is A Woman
  • 2. Get Hot Or Go Home
  • 3. Lovesick
  • 4. Reb Ta2's Back In Town
  • 5. Marie
  • 6. An Old Fashion Kind Of Love
  • 7. We Wanna Bop
  • 8. Goin' Goin' Gone
  • 9. Stroll
  • 10. In The Mood For Love
  • 11. Don't Say Nothing Bad About My Baby
  • 12. Headin' Home
  • 13. Wedding Bells
  • 14. That Ain't Right (Bonus from rehearsel session)

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