Rainwater Marvin - Tough Top Cat (10``LP)

Rainwater Marvin - Tough Top Cat (10``LP)


Marvin Rainwater was one of those artists who was somewhere between country and rock’n’roll. And his style was perfectly adaptable to both genres without any problem.
This album compiles some of his greatest hits in both ways, reflecting just how versatile Marvin could be.
The country side includes his country top-seller GONNA FIND ME A BLUEBIRD, perhaps the most successful song of Marvin’s career.
On the other hand, apart from his great rockers like I DIG YOU BABY or WHOLE LOTTA WOMAN, which reached number 1 in the UK, this LP includes some of his earlier rockin’ tunes like HOT AND COLD or the powerful MY BRAND OF BLUES, and also the two tracks he recorded in the early 60’s with Link Wray & his Wraymen, BOO HOO and TOUGH TOP CAT, where you´ll plainly see that Marvin’s voice was perfect to any kind of rock’n’roll.
DeeJay Francho

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Vuosi 2023

Side A:
1. I Dig You Baby
2. The Valley Of The Moon
3. Boo Hoo
4. That’s The Way I Feel
5. Gonna Find Me A Bluebird

Side B:
1. Whole Lotte Woman
2. Hot And Cold
3. Get Off The Stool
4. Tough Top Cat
5. My Brand Of Blues

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