Robbins Marty - Town Hall Party (DVD)

Robbins Marty - Town Hall Party (DVD)


Marty Robbins was a reticent television performer. His appearances during the early part of his career were few. So this is a treasure trove. Here are performances and interviews dating from the heart of Marty’s golden era. As an added bonus, we catch Tompall and the Glaser Brothers at the dawn of their long career. Marty was perhaps the most versatile singer in country music, and these long lost performances bear that out. He runs the gamut from Hawaiian songs to western ballads to teen pop to classic country. He does it all effortlessly, and he does it all superbly. If you weren’t lucky enough to be at the old Town Hall Party in February and October 1959, we’ll take you there!

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  • 1. I Can't Quit
  • 2. I'll Go On Alone
  • 3. Pretty Words
  • 4. Time Goes By
  • 5. A White Sport Coat
  • 6. The Story Of My Life
  • 7. Just Married
  • 8. Johnny Bond Interviews Marty Robbins
  • 9. Down Where The Tradewinds Blow
  • 10. Johnny Bond interviews Marty Robbins
  • 11. My Isle Of Golden Dreams
  • 12. Tompall & The Glaser Brothers: Nothing But Sweet Lies
  • 13. Tompall & The Glaser Brothers: When I've Learned (Old Enough To Cry)
  • 14. Joe Hudgins: Where'd You Stay Last Night
  • 15. Marty Robbins & Tompall & The Glaser Brothers: Stairway Of Love
  • 16. The Hanging Tree
  • 17. Marty Robbins Talks To Jay Stewart (October 3, 1959)
  • 18. My Isle Of Golden Dreams (October 3, 1959)
  • 19. Oh, How I Miss You (Since You Went Away) (October 3, 1959)

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