Cramps - Tränsylvåñan Täpes MCMLXXVIII (LP)

Cramps - Tränsylvåñan Täpes MCMLXXVIII (LP)


Side One: ”Recorded and produced by Chris Spedding in Dracula’s House Dec. 78.”
Side Two: ”Recorded live in the deep Carpathian Mountains during a cold winter night. The wolves were screaming, the moon did not shine”.

Further mentioned on sleeve: ”The last record never more.”

Side A: Demo recording
Side B: Live recording at the Max’s Kansas City, New York, 1978.

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Mitat 35 × 35 × 0,5 cm (senttimetri)
Tuotekoodi LR 2023
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Vuosi 2023

A1 Week-End On Mars 2:10
A2 Rocking Bones 2:10
A3 I Can’t Hardly Stand It 2:45
A4 Lonesome Town 3:20
A5 Love Me 2:05
A6 Uranium Rock 2:30
A7 Twist & Shout 2:20
A8 Strychnine 2:25
A9 The Mad Daddy 3:15
B1 Jungle Hop 2:00
B2 Domino 3:00
B3 Everybody Moving 2:40
B4 Problem Child 2:00
B5 Voodoo Doll 3:05
B7 Human Fly 2:10
B8 TV Set 2:50
B9 Mystery Plane 2:35
B6 Rock On The Moon 1:40

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