Di Maggio Marco - Thank You, Eddie – The Tribute To Eddie Cochran (Käytetty CD)

Di Maggio Marco - Thank You, Eddie – The Tribute To Eddie Cochran (Käytetty CD)



Tribute albumi Eddie Cochranille.

Leader of The Di Maggio Brothers with his solo tribute to Eddie Cochran.


I have got to admit that I specifically asked for a copy of this album to review after being so impressed with the self-penned ’Cream of the crop’ which was included on the ’Rockabilly Hall Of Fame 2’ CD. After listening to this complete tribute album to Eddie Cochran, despite the fact that we’ve just had a similar project from Darrel Higham, I am more impressed than ever.

     All the chosen songs will be familiar to most, but instead of following Eddie’s arrangements note-for-note, Marco has made some very subtle and very attractive changes in certain places. For instance, he uses a softer, almost acoustic sound on both ’Pretty girl’ and ’Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie’, jazz guitar patterns on ’My way’ and ’Hallelujah! I love her so’, and almost country rhythms on ’Something else’ and ’Cut across Shorty’. You could be forgiven for thinking he’s going into ’White lightning’ with the intro to ’Something else’ and the close vocal harmony on ’Cut across Short’ is very country and very attractive. Most of the others stick pretty close the original arrangements save ’Summertime blues’, which features as many guitar styles as Marco could fit into the pattern of the song plus a pumpin’ piano as an added attraction…..

Steve Aynsley, NDT #197

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  • 1. Pretty girl
  • 2. Completely sweet
  • 3. My way
  • 4. My lovin' baby
  • 5. Meet Mr. Tweedy
  • 6. Jelly bean
  • 7. Latch on
  • 8. Somethin' else
  • 9. Sittin' on the balcony
  • 10. The cream of the crop
  • 11. Rock'n'roll blues
  • 12. Hallelujah I love her so
  • 13. Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie
  • 14. Never
  • 15. Nervous breakdown
  • 16. Cut across shorty
  • 17. Am I blue?
  • 18. Drive in show
  • 19. Undying love
  • 20. Twenty flight rock
  • 21. Teenage cutie
  • 22. 'Pumpin' summertime blues

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