Rimshots Meets Rusti Steel - Tribute To Hank Williams (Käytetty CD)

Rimshots Meets Rusti Steel - Tribute To Hank Williams (Käytetty CD)


Rimshots 1-8, Rusti Steel & The Tin Tax 9-16.

This is the CD that won the

British Country Music Awards ’Album Of The year’ (1999). Both acts are big fans, and that old ’thin’ country sound is well captured here, with some nice little steel guitar ’moments’. The two new songs that are about Hank fit perfectly, and John Lewis (Rimshots) has one of the finest voices around.

Two well established Rockabilly outfits pool their considerable resources here to pay tribute to Hank Williams, each contributing eight songs, mostly Williams covers. The Rimshots material is authentically and faithfully reproduced even down to the yodelling vocal style of ’Lovesick blues’ with some nice lap steel throughout.

      The Rusti Steel tracks are also incredibly authentic with good use of fiddle and steel. I liked the clean, dry guitar too which was spot on. Highlight for me had to be ’Mind your own business’ which has always been one of my favourite Hank Williams tracks.

A fitting, well put together tribute.


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  • 1. If only Hank had lived a little longer 2.Rockin' chair money
  • 3. Honky tonk blues
  • 4. I'll be a batchelor till I die
  • 5. I'm so lonesome I could cry
  • 6. I'm going home
  • 7. Fool about you
  • 8. Lovesick blues
  • 9. I know Hank wrote them songs for me
  • 10. No-one will ever know
  • 11. Fly trouble
  • 12. Rootie tootie
  • 13. Devil's train
  • 14. Roly poly
  • 15. I'm satisfied with you
  • 16. Mind your own business