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Tubb Justin - Pepper Hot Baby – Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight (CD)


Classic 1950s honky-tonk from one of country music’s most underrated singer-songwriters, focusing on his uptempo country and rocking sides. Includes four duets with Goldie Hill, including their country chart hits ’Looking Back To See’ and ’Sure-Fire Kisses’. Stellar support from Nashville session masters like Hank Garland, Grady Martin and Buddy Emmons, plus a vocal duet with Roger Miller. Superlative sound quality from the original Decca mono and stereo session masters. —

Although he never achieved the iconic status of his charismatic father Ernest Tubb, Justin Tubb was one of the few second-generation country singers who had the talent, discipline and ambition to sustain an independent career. His warm vocal style couldn’t have been more different from his father’s dry Texas drawl. His relaxed demeanor and stage presence translated well onto radio and records, while his boyish good looks made him a natural for stage and television. By the time he reached age 20, Tubb was already a Grand Ole Opry regular.

Justin Tubb recorded for many labels before his death in 1998, but his reputation rests upon his youthful 1953-1959 sides for Decca. A skilled songwriter inspired by Hank Williams, Tubb battled label executives to keep his music country at a time when his contemporaries flirted with teen pop and rock ’n’ roll. Not surprisingly, his best records remain catchy, fresh and timeless more than a half-century later.

This anthology collects Tubb’s long-unavailable uptempo Deccas, including his two country chart hits with Goldie Hill and his best-selling cover of Marvin Rainwater’s ’I Gotta Go Get My Baby’. The styles are diverse, ranging from straight-ahead country to country pop to pure Texas shuffles, including a duet with Roger Miller. Dave Samuelson penned new notes based on Otto Kitsinger’s interviews with Tubb

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Tuotekoodi BCD 16859 AH
  • 1. Bachelor Man
  • 2. Pepper Hot Baby
  • 3. Ooh La La
  • 4. Something Called The Blues
  • 5. I'm Looking For A Date Tonight
  • 6. You're The Prettiest Thing That Ever Happened
  • 7. I'm A Darn Good Man (For The Shape I'm In)
  • 8. Chuga-Chuga, Chica Mauga (Choo-Choo Train)
  • 9. Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall
  • 10. Rock It On Down To My House
  • 11. I Saw Your Face In The Moon
  • 12. Sugar Lips
  • 13. Somebody Ughed On You
  • 14. Gone And Left Me Blues
  • 15. Looking Back To See
  • 16. Give Three Cheers For My Baby
  • 17. Bonaparte's Retreat
  • 18. Waterloo
  • 19. You Nearly Lose Your Mind
  • 20. My Heart's Not For Little Girls To Play With
  • 21. I'm A Big Boy Now
  • 22. If You'll Be My Love
  • 23. Sure Fire Kisses
  • 24. All Alone
  • 25. I Gotta Go Get My Baby
  • 26. I Miss You So
  • 27. Try Me One More Time
  • 28. There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight
  • 29. Giveaway Girl
  • 30. Almost Lonely
  • 31. Mine Is A Lonely Life
  • 32. Buster's Gang

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