Groovy Eyes - Tuberadio Broadcast (CD)

Groovy Eyes - Tuberadio Broadcast (CD)


WARNING! If you have not known or perhaps forgot, that GOOD MUSIC is one of the oldest & effectivest medicines against depression and other problems – BEWARE!, because this combo surely will lift your spirit up! They quarantee a GOOD FEELING among both listeners & dancers. GROOVY EYES has served it´s THERAPEUTICAL SERVICES” since 1993 and has really committed itself to that particular matter. They have played hundreds & hundreds always inspirational gigs at clubs, festivals, radio & TV e.t.c. both nationally in FINLAND and internationally in NORWAY, SWEDEN & DENMARK.

Their music is rawdy primitive & spontaneus without any prejudice. It tastes like ”New Orleans GUMBO” with inspiring personal mixtures of SWING, BE-BOP, JUMP BLUES, NEW ORLEANS RHYTHM & BLUES, ROCK & ROLL, HOODOO & JUKE-JOINT BLUES, LOUISIANA´S ZYDECO, TEXAS WESTERN-SWING, ORGAN JAZZ GROOVES, HEARTFELT BALLADS, EARLY SOUL…and even echoes of FLAMENCO!!!

Nowdays their live gig repertoire includes 100% GROOVY EYES worldclass originals only! In other words – you are going to hear, see & enjoy some timeless & powerfully swinging musical ”FIREWORK” – without any compromises! So C´mon – Let´s Have Some FUN!!!

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  • 1. INTRO (spoken by DJ Frankly Jo')
  • 2. MR. HIGH FLY (Jussi Raulamo)
  • 3. WHATEVER YOU DO (Jussi Raulamo)
  • 4. SOUL STRUT (Jussi Raulamo)
  • 5. WON'T YOU HAVE YOURSELF A BALL (Jussi Raulamo)
  • 6. PENQUINE (Tommi Laine - Jussi Raulamo)
  • 7. BLUE HONK (Jussi Raulamo - Masa Orpana)
  • 8. WAITIN' FOR YOU (Jussi Raulamo - Petri Pylvänen)
  • 9. LOWDOWN RUMBLE (Jussi Raulamo)
  • 10. WELL-A-FEELIN' GOOD (Jussi Raulamo)
  • 11. SPANISH TURKEY (Jussi Raulamo)
  • 12. HAWAIIAN WALK (Jussi Raulamo)

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