Various - Twist A Rama (CD)

Various - Twist A Rama (CD)


Atomicat Records have expanded the Bop, Jive, and Stroll-A-Rama series, and Twist-A- Rama Atomicat (ACCD075) is a new addition to the series. There are twenty-eight enjoyable twisting songs for those who enjoy dancing and losing their cares. Competing for the crown of King or Queen of the Twist are both known and unknown artists.

You will hear during Twist -A- Rama Atomicat 01 (ACCD075) twenty-eight enjoyable twisting songs for those who enjoy dancing and losing their cares. Competing for the crown of King or Queen of the Twist are both known and unknown artists.
The invitation to begin gyrating up and down and swivelling the hips followed by a turnaround spin is throughout the album and the following artists all have that twisting sensation in their songs. Hank Ballard wrote and originally recorded The Twist, although it was used as a B-side of Teardrops On Your Letter, and his 1958 version is featured within the album. Thematic titles about love and twisting are from, Jack Hammer, Kissin’ Twist, and Ronnie and The Hi Lites, Twistin’ And Kissin’. Saxophonist King Curtis with His Combo provides two infectious twisting rockers The Peppermint Twist and The Arthur Murray Twist, with an uncredited vocal from Don Covay. The fabulous guitarist Grady Martin with heavy use of fuzz-tone invites you to Twist And Turn, blues music legend Muddy Waters joins in on the fun with his self-tribute Muddy Waters Twist, and The Champs rework their first hit as Tequila Twist.

The unexpected titles come from; Johnny Hallyday with his French language version of Twisting The Night Away, which becomes a Laissez-nous twister, and the Sam Cooke connection continues with Johnnie Morisette and his invitation to Meet Me At The Twistin’ Place. The Royal Teens update an old hit and Short Shorts becomes Short Short Twist, and the Latins provide the zany Habibi Twist. Jo Ann Campbell sings, Let Me Do My Twist, Linda Hopkins is dancing with her mother, Mama’s Doin’ The Twist, and Kay Armen declares, I Wanna Twist. A handful of songs omit the word twist from the title but are nonetheless twist tunes and featured are; Chuck Berry, I’m Talking About You, U.S. Bonds, New Orleans, and Chubby Checker with Bobby Rydell, My Baby Cares For Me. The Tornadoes (vocal) Kay Charles end the twisting around the floor fun with Tornado Twist.
Due to the fickle nature of the record-buying public, only a few artists hit the big-time, nonetheless, the non- hit-making titles are as good as the known hits. The music on the album is not ostensibly collector direction obscure, the songs are ideal for all-around listening. Be it, cruising down the highway, entertaining friends at home, or due to the clear Atomicat mastering blasting from the speakers at your record hop of choice.
The series is compiled by Dee Jay Mark Armstrong and topped off with the best possible sound quality from our mastering team at our El Paso, Texas, Studio. The top-quality eco-friendly cardboard sleeve is specially designed to avoid the use of plastic and be environmentally friendly. The album is lavishly decorated by design artist and working musician Henrique San. The twenty-eight dance-floor-fillers are perfect for; Dee Jays, home listening, or cruising around. All that remains is to say, “Crank up the volume and dig these musical gems.

You are listening to music from the past and preserving the future! Atomicat Records “Often imitated, never duplicated”
Dee Jay Mark Armstrong Bühl, Germany

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01 Jack Hammer Kissin’ Twist (Burroughs, Vanno) Ronnex 1962
02 Herbert Hunter Twist It Up (Appell, Mann) Hit 1963
03 Jo Ann Campbell Let Me Do My Twist (Dee, Levey) Roulette LP 1962
04 King Curtis Combo The Peppermint Twist (Dee, Clover) RCA Victor LP 1961
05 Les Cooper and The Soul Rockers Twistin’ (One More Time) (Cooper) Everlast LP 1963
06 Chuck Berry I’m Talking About You (Berry) Chess 1961
07 The Champs Tequila Twist (Rio) Challenge 1961
08 Johnny Hallyday Laissez-nous twister (Twisting The Night Away) (Cooke, Pascal) Phillips 1962
09 Hank Ballard and The Midnighters The Twist (Ballard) King 1959
10 Royal Teens Short Short Twist (Royal Teens) Jubilee 1962
11 The Latins Habibi Twist (Bascerano, Mancini) RCA 1962
12 Robby Robber and The Hi-Jackers Swinging Papa Twist (no credit) Spin -O-Rama LP 1962
13 Linda Hopkins Mama’s Doin’ The Twist (Reiss) Brunswick 1962
14 U.S. Bonds New Orleans (Guida, Royster) Legrand 1959
15 Johnny Keaton Twistin’ USA (Mann) Spar 1962
16 Ronnie and The Hi Lites Twistin’ And Kissin’ (Weiss, Lewis) Joy 1962
17 Kay Armen I Wanna Twist (Glover, Dee, Levy) Roulette LP 1962
18 Grady Martin Twist And Turn (Martin) Decca 1962
19 Yvonne Carré Geisha Twist (Valdor) Decca 1962
20 Ted Jarrett (Let’s Twist) Slow And Easy (Jarrett, Moss) Spar 1962
21 Muddy Waters Muddy Waters Twist (Brown) Chess 1962
22 Chubby Checker and Bobby Rydell My Baby Cares For Me (Kahn, Donaldson) Cameo LP 1961
23 King Curtis Combo The Arthur Murray Twist (Wayne, Moore, Murray) RCA Victor LP 1961
24 Clay Cole Twist Around The Clock (Kaye, Springer, Cole) Imperial 1961
25 Louis Prima with Sam Butera and The Witnesses Twist All Night (Prima, Butera) Capitol 1962
26 Johnnie Morisette Meet Me At The Twistin’ Place (Cooke) SAR 1962
27 Brice Coefield Cha Cha Twist (Ballard) Madison 1960
28 The Tornadoes (vocal) Kay Charles Tornado Twist (no writer credit) Tornado 1962

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