Williams Hank - Unreleased Recordings: Gospel Keepsakes (CD)

Williams Hank - Unreleased Recordings: Gospel Keepsakes (CD)


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Hank Williams is one of those recording artists who ended up releasing more material after his death (in 1953) than he did before it, and since he regularly performed on various radio shows throughout his brief career, transcriptions of these performances keep popping up. The performances collected here were drawn from radio shows Williams did in 1951 for Mother’s Best Flour. He would usually end his segment on the show with a gospel song or a spiritual, and several of these are combined here to make an interesting alternate portrait of Williams, one that reveals a childhood spent listening to his mother Lillie, a single parent and Williams’ only real anchor, play hymns at the organ while he sat beside her. Williams’ songwriting style, with its easy to remember melodies and unadorned but often elegantly structured lyrics, stems directly from the organ spirituals of his childhood. One of the best examples of this, his I Saw the Light,” is included here, along with Williams’ takes on more traditional gospel material and one other Williams-penned song, the delightful ”I’m Gonna Sing.” It’s not honky tonk. It’s what you sing the next day.”

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  • 1. I'm Gonna Sing -
  • 2. I Heard My Savior Calling Me -
  • 3. Precious Lord, Take My Hand -
  • 4. I've Got My One-Way Ticket to the Sky -
  • 5. Thirty Pieces of Silver -
  • 6. When God Dips His Love in My Heart -
  • 7. Farther Along -
  • 8. From Jerusalem to Jericho -
  • 9. When the Fire Comes Down -
  • 10. Drifting Too Far from the Shore -
  • 11. The Old Country Church -
  • 12. Lonely Tombs -
  • 13. Where the Soul Never Dies -
  • 14. Where He Leads Me -
  • 15. I Saw the Light -

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