Valens Ritchie - Ritchie Valens/Ritchie (CD)

Valens Ritchie - Ritchie Valens/Ritchie (CD)


”2 albums on 1 CD.

By February 1959 Ritchie Valens’ career was really taking off; he had already scored one hit record with ”Come On Let’s Go”, the follow up ”Donna”/”La Bamba” was storming up the charts and his first LP was due out soon. He was on a package tour with Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, Dion and a host of others when the plane he was sharing with the first two came down in a field, killing all on board. Valens was three months away from his 18th birthday and had been a pop star for barely 6 months. He was unique among the rock & roll stars of the day, for he was born in East LA and was of Latino origin. This can be heard in the rhythms of songs like ”Come On Let’s Go” and particularly with ”La Bamba” which is sung in Spanish. He also had a feeling for the blues, rock & roll and could turn a mean ballad. This CD consists of the album that was about to be released – ’Ritchie Valens’ and the posthumously compiled ’Ritchie’, which between them represent nearly all of the recording output of a budding star who without doubt would have been a contender had he lived.”

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  • 1. That's My Little Suzie
  • 2. In A Turkish Town
  • 3. Come On Let's Go
  • 4. Donna
  • 5. Bony Moronie
  • 6. Ooh! My Head
  • 7. La Bamba
  • 8. Bluebirds Over The Mountain
  • 9. Hi-tone
  • 10. Framed
  • 11. We Belong Together
  • 12. Dooby Dooby Wah
  • 13. Stay Beside Me
  • 14. Cry Cry Cry
  • 15. Big Baby Blues
  • 16. Paddiwack Song
  • 17. My Darling Is Gone
  • 18. Hurry Up
  • 19. Little Girl
  • 20. Now You're Gone
  • 21. Fast Freight
  • 22. Ritchie's Blues
  • 23. Rockin' All Night

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