Valens Ritchie - Rocks (CD)

Valens Ritchie - Rocks (CD)


Vihdoinkin myös Ritchie Valens – Rocks sarjassa. Loistava soundinen ja taatusti kautta-aikojen paras kokoelma Ritchie Valensilta.

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•    February 3 commemorates the anniversary of the death of Ritchie Valens.
•    In retrospect, the young rocker had only eight months to record his entire work.
•    We pay tribute to this great musician by including him in our ‘Rocks!’ CD-series.
•    Included are his three hit records as well as a plethora of other great gems.
•    Newly mastered; extensive liner notes by expert writer, Bill Dahl.

Eight months is a tremendously slim timespan to build a legacy. Yet that’s all the time Ritchie Valens had to create his classic recordings, which remain revered around the world. Valens made his first sides for Del-Fi label producer Bob Keane in May of 1958, and on February 3, 1959, he was killed in the tragic plane crash that also took the lives of Buddy Holly and The Big Bopper.

In that all-too-brief period, Ritchie scored three indelible hits—his debut single Come On, Let’s Go and a blockbuster double-sided single pairing Donna and La Bamba. The teenager certainly knew how to rock, and his Bear Family disc does precisely that as Valens storms through his aforementioned hits and a plethora of other spicy gems: Hurry Up, Ooh! My Head, Rockin’ All Night, Dooby Dooby Wah, various alternate takes, and plenty more. As a special bonus, we’ve included both sides of Donna Ludwig’s rare tribute single to her departed boyfriend, touchingly closing the CD.

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1: La Bamba Ritchie Valens
2: Ooh! My Head Ritchie Valens
3: Hurry Up Ritchie Valens
4: Let's Rock And Roll Ritchie Valens
5: Fast Freight* Ritchie Valens
6: Framed Ritchie Valens
7: Come On Let's Go Ritchie Valens
8: Little Girl Ritchie Valens
9: Bony Moronie Ritchie Valens
10: Big Baby Blues* Ritchie Valens
11: Cry, Cry, Cry (Bob Keane Home Recording #1) Ritchie Valens
12: Cry, Cry, Cry (Bob Keane Home Recording #2) Ritchie Valens
13: Cry, Cry, Cry (with the Claves) Ritchie Valens
14: Cry, Cry, Cry Ritchie Valens
15: Bluebirds Over The Mountain Ritchie Valens
16: Rockin' All Night Ritchie Valens
17: Dooby Dooby Wah (Bob Keane Home Recording) Ritchie Valens
18: Dooby Dooby Wah Ritchie Valens
19: Dooby Dooby Wah (take 7 / outtake) Ritchie Valens
20: From Beyond Ritchie Valens
21: Hi-Tone Ritchie Valens
22: The Paddi-Wack Song Ritchie Valens
23: Rock Lil' Darlin' Ritchie Valens
24: Malaguena Ritchie Valens
25: That's My Little Suzie (Demo, Bob Keane Home Recording) Ritchie Valens
26: That’s My Little Suzie Ritchie Valens
27: That's My Little Suzie (Gold Star Studio outtake) Ritchie Valens
28: Rhythm Song Ritchie Valens
29: In A Turkish Town Ritchie Valens
30: Ritchie Valens Commercial (Donna) Ritchie Valens
31: Donna Ritchie Valens
32: Stay Beside Me Ritchie Valens
33: We Belong Together Ritchie Valens  
34: Newscast / Plane Crash Report, Feb 3, 1959 Ritchie Valens  
35: Lost Without You Donna Ludwig  
36: Now That You're Gone Donna Ludwig