Various - Big Monster Bash #1 (Käytetty CD)

Various - Big Monster Bash #1 (Käytetty CD)


21 Songs By Today`s Most Sinister Bands.

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Containing ”21 tunes by today’s most sinister bands,” this 1998 compilation pays homage to the Halloween holiday with a collection of songs by various roots-music artists who dabble in the styles of rockabilly, surf and swing. Three of the tracks are previously released, but the other 18 tracks by the Twin Cities’ Vibrochamps and Jack Knife & The Sharps, Portland, Maine’s King Memphis, Milwaukee’s the Exotics, Nashville’s Rockin’ Bones, Bloomington’s Swing Rays, and Denver’s Hillbilly Varmints, King Dapper Combo and Wolfgang & The Jumpin’ Terrors are all new to this project. Other highlights include ”The Dark Side” by the Hillbilly Hellcats, ”Frankensurfer II” by the Surfaholics, ”The Volumizer” by Nick Curran & The Sideburners, ”Devil Dance” by Joe La Rose, ”Rockin’ Coffin Bar” by Hayride to Hell, El Vez’ ”Gabrielle The Giant Mosquito,” Johnny Legend’s ”Dummy Doll” and High Noon’s ”Crazy Fever” from the James Froescle film Step Fast. A fun compilation full of great and weird sounds.

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1. Monster Trash - King Dapper Combo
2. The Mice, The Demons & The Piglets - Wolfgang & The Jumpin' Terrors
3. Crazy Fever (Alt-Version) - High Noon
4. The Dark Side - Hillbilly Hellcats
5. Shark Bait - King Memphis
6. Justifiable Homicide - Jack Knife & The Sharps
7. Martian Trip - The Vibro Champs
8. Frankensurfer II - The Surfaholics
9. Hell-O-Ween (Alt-Version) - The Swing Rays
10. The Monster Convoy - The Hillbilly Varmints
11. Dummy Doll - Johnny Legend
12. Guitarantula - The Exotics
13. Save It For The Vampires - King Dapper Combo
14. Voodoo Dance - Rockin' Bones
15. The Volumizer - Nick Curran & The Sideburners
16. Rockin' Coffin Bar - Hayride To Hell
17. Tree On A Guillotine - The Surfaholics
18. Crazy Alien Chick (Alt-Version) - King Memphis
19. Gabrielle The Giant Masquito - El Vez
20. Devil's Dance - Joe Larose
21. Dig Me A Hole (Live Alt-Version) - The Vibro Champs

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