Various - My Rifle, My Pony And Me (Themes from TV & Film) (CD)

Various - My Rifle, My Pony And Me (Themes from TV & Film) (CD)


26 TV-ja elokuva nimibiisiä, ehdoton!!!

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ubtitled ’Movie And TV Soundtracks’, this 26-song collection is the ultimate overview of songs that were memorable elements of the post-War Westerns. Opening with the voice of John Wayne introducing
Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson, who sing this collection’s title track from the 1959 film, ”Rio Bravo”, the selections span 1948 (Roy Rogers singing Don’t Fence Me In) to 1965 (James Stewart’s The Legend Of Shenandoah). Along with such ’hits’ of the genre as Johnny Horton’s North To Alaska, Frankie Laine’s Rawhide, and Johnny Cash’s The Rebel Johnny Yuma, there are such unexpected singing cowboys as
Kirk Douglas crooning And The Moon Grew Brighter from the 1954 film, ”Man Without A Star”. The 24-page booklet, brimming with period art promoting the films and their songs, is the perfect visual complement to the music. Popcorn not included.

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  • 1. MARTIN, Dean & NELSON, Ricky: My Rifle, My Pony And Me
  • 2. STEWART, James: The Legend Of Shenandoah
  • 3. SONS OF THE PIONEERS: Montana
  • 4. SONS OF THE PIONEERS: The Searchers
  • 5. SONS OF THE PIONEERS: Wagons West
  • 6. SONS OF THE PIONEERS: Song Of The Wagonmaster
  • 7. KILGORE, Merle: Nevada Smith
  • 8. ROBBINS, Marty: Ballad Of The Alamo
  • 9. ROBBINS, Marty: The Hanging Tree
  • 10. WESTERN, Johnny: Ballad Of Paladin
  • 11. CASH, Johnny: The Sons Of Katie Elder
  • 12. CASH, Johnny: The Rebel Johnny Yuma
  • 13. LAINE, Frankie: Rawhide
  • 14. LAINE, Frankie: Gunfight At O.K. Corral
  • 15. PARKER, Fess: Ballad Of Davy Crockett
  • 16. MARTIN, Dean: Rio Bravo
  • 17. HUNTER, Tab: I´m A Runaway
  • 18. GREENE, Lorne: Bonanza
  • 19. HORTON, Johnny: North To Alaska
  • 20. RITTER, Tex: High Noon
  • 21. DOUGLAS, Kirk: And The Moon Grew Brighter
  • 22. ROGERS, Roy & SONS OF THE ...: Pecos Bill
  • 23. ROGERS, Roy: The Yellow Rose Of Texas
  • 24. ROGERS, Roy: Roll On Texas Moon
  • 25. ROGERS, Roy: Don´t Fence Me In
  • 26. HALL, Dickson: Cowboy

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