Various - Old Town Doo Wop 3LP Boxset (Käytetty LP/12)

Various - Old Town Doo Wop 3LP Boxset (Käytetty LP/12)


40-track triple compilation LP box set containing rare vocal group classics recorded for the legendary Old Town R&B label between late 1954 & 1963, including no fewer than fifteen previously unreleased recordings, nice picture box with tracklisting & track information on the reverse.

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Life Is But A Dream - Harptones
You're Gonna Need My Help Someday - Harptones
I Got A Notion - Harptones
School Girl - Harptones
It All Depends On You - Harptones
You Know You're Doing Me Wrong - Harptones
On Sunday Afternoon - Harptones
Mambo Boogie - Harptones
Tonight Kathleen - Valentines
Summer Love - Valentines
You Could Be My Love - Five Crowns
Good Luck Darlin' - Five Crowns
Lullaby Of The Bells - Five Crowns
Later Later Baby - Five Crowns
Little Girl (I Love You Madly) - Clefftones
Gloria - Clefftones
The Masquerade Is Over - Clefftones
My Dearest Darling - Clefftones
Guess Who - Clefftones
Please Give Me One More Chance - Eugene Mumford & Serenaders
Love You Baby All The Time - Co-Eds
I Beg Your Forgiveness - Co-Eds
I'm In Love - Co-Eds
I Love An Angel - Co-Eds
Dream Of Love - Packards
Ding Dong - Packards
Crazy Love - Royaltones
Hong Kong Jelly Wong - Royaltones
My Faith - Fi Tones
My Heart - Fi Tones
Zip Boom - Supremes
Tonight - Supremes
Think - Universals
A Fool In Love - Keytones
Seven Wonders Of The World - Keytones
Zu Zu - Bonnevilles
Starlight Tonight - Inspirations
Oh What A Feeling - Inspirations
Possibility - Crowns

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