Various - Souveniers Of The Soul Clap Vol 3 (LP)

Various - Souveniers Of The Soul Clap Vol 3 (LP)


Jonathan Toubin’s New York Night Train offers the world’s greatest dance parties – now JT’s hand picked two platters worth of dance floor favorites for your own instant party!

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Dig two big new volumes of SOUVENIRS OF THE SOUL CLAP, delivered by internationally famous DJ Jonathan Toubin! The first two volumes set the dance frenzy world on a tiltawhirl, redefining ”Northern Soul” as ”Norton Soul”! Just kidding, Anglo-Saxons, we loves ya! So here are two more gigantic sets of floor fillers that spell INSTANT PARTY whenever the rubber meets the road!

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PHIL FLOWERS AND THE TNT TRIBBLE - The Dances / JOE SIMON AND THE EUGENE BLACKNELLS BAND - Just Like Yesterday / ELDRIDGE HOLMES - Humpback / JESSIE MAE - Don't Freeze On Me / ERVIN RUCKER - She's Alright / SONNY TIL AND THE ORIOLES - Hey! Little Woman / TEMPTING ONES - Watch Me Now / DUSTY WILSON - Can't Do WIthout You / JASPER WOODS - Hully Gully Papa / SHERMAN EVANS WITH CRUZ ORTIZ AND THE FLAMES - Looking For My Baby / THE RUBIES - Take It Easy Casanova / JOE ARNOLD, DAVIS COMBO - Ride The Wind / KING COLEMAN - Alley Rat / LEE MOSES - Diana (From NYC)

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