Various - Stickbuddy Jamboree (Delta Records) (CD)

Various - Stickbuddy Jamboree (Delta Records) (CD)


A remarkable first CD reissue of the country music recorded by Delta Records of Jackson, Mississippi! 30 rare and rampant hillbilly, boogie, rockabilly and country sides recorded between 1953 and the late ’60s by Jimmie Ammons at his Delta Recording Studio – a converted garage next to a cow pasture! Contains 14 incredibly rare 78 rpm discs from the ’50s! Two rare 45s from the ’60s! Plus 8 unissued country and rockabilly sides from the ’50s! And 6 unissued tracks from the ’60s! Features the cream of the local country bands from Jackson, Mississippi including the Mississippi Melody Boys, the Country Cowboys, the Home Towners, Kay Kellum’s Dixie Ramblers, and Rick Richardson! Contains a rare first recording by Warner Mack, a rare last recording by Jimmy Swan, and 5 intriguing tracks by unidentified artists! The 52-page booklet by Martin Hawkins contains the first ever retrospective of the career of studio engineer and music promoter Jimmie Ammons, and the artists he issued on his Delta label and other labels! The booklet also contains many previously-unseen photographs! — It often seems like all the hillbilly music that could be reissued, has been. But then along comes this CD chock-full of unissued music from the Delta Recording Studio of Jackson, Mississippi. The exciting thing here is that the music is mostly by little-known performers and ’new’ to collectors despite being between fifty and sixty years old. This is really appealing stuff, too, chronicling the country music scene around Jackson in the 1950s and early 1960s. This is an important CD, at last filling a void in the story of Mississippi music and country music in general.

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  • 1. Tom Cattin' - HAWKINS, Emmit
  • 2. I Don't Care What You Do Any.. - HAWKINS, Emmit
  • 3. Mississippi Boogie - COUNTRY COWBOYS
  • 4. I'm The Lonesomest Guy In Town - COUNTRY COWBOYS
  • 5. No More Money, No More Honey - FORD, Henry
  • 6. Is There Peace In Korea - FORD, Henry
  • 7. How Long Would It Take? - FORD, Henry
  • 8. Your Cheatin Heart - FORD, Henry
  • 9. No Price Tag (On Your Kisses) - BYRD, Billy
  • 10. Brave Carol Ann Moses (Of Vi.. - BYRD, Billy
  • 11. Don't Flirt With Me In Publi.. - QUINN, Marcellas 'Mac'
  • 12. My Good Gal Left Me - QUINN, Marcellas 'Mac'
  • 13. Hee Ho - KAY & SHIRLEY
  • 14. Negotiating Love - KAY & SHIRLEY
  • 15. Bud's Breakdown (instrumental) - SCARBOROUGH, Bud
  • 16. A Fool - SCARBOROUGH, Bud
  • 17. Have You Ever Been Sorry? - SCARBOROUGH, Bud
  • 18. Down Yonder (instrumental) - SCARBOROUGH, BUd
  • 19. Sittin Down On It - UNIDENTIFIED
  • 20. When It Came To True Love - UNIDENTIFIED
  • 21. Hey Hey Ho Ho - UNIDENTIFIED
  • 22. I Wanna Play House With You - MACK, Warner
  • 23. I Wish I Has Someone To Love - BAILEY, Al
  • 24. Get Thee Behind Me Satan - MAGNOLIA QUARTET
  • 25. Only Believe (And You'll Rec.. - THE KELLUM FAMILY
  • 26. Mr And Miseries Used To Be - UNIDENTIFIED
  • 27. Two Lonely People - SHIRLEY, Celeste
  • 28. Accommodatin' Sue - RICHARDSON, Rick
  • 29. Black Horse And Blonde Heade.. - RICHARDSON, Rick
  • 30. Don't Worry 'Bout The Mule (.. - SWAN, Jimmy

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