Ventures - In The Vaults Vol 5 (CD)

Ventures - In The Vaults Vol 5 (CD)


It s been a long while since Ace released The Ventures In The Vaults Vol 4 in November 2007, but is has been worth the wait. Ventures fans and instrumental fans in general will be happy to hear Volume 5 contains two rare and 24 previously unreleased tracks. The album has been compiled with the band’s help and all tracks are licensed from the Ventures. Of particular interest are the three tracks at the end of the CD. The case is not often, if ever, made for the band as significant forerunners to the psychedelic and heavy rock sounds of the late 60s and early 70s, but take a listen to how grungy and weighty Fuzz Factor, Sauerkraut and Wipe Out are. Compiled by Dave Burke with fascinating and detailed notes by Burke and Alan Taylor, both of Pipeline magazine.

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1. Slaughter On Tenth Avenue - Live Studio Recording
2. Getaway
3. Ups And Downs - Alternate
4. Ventures Stomp - Alternate
5. Bogie's Tune
6. Blue Coral
7. Mr Blue
8. Let The Four Winds Blow
9. Sealed With A Kiss - Alternate
10. Scarlet Sunset
11. Rockin Ship Bobby Leonard & The Explorers
12. I Want You To Want Me
13. Country Gravy
14. Lady Of Spain (Alternate)
15. The Lonely One
16. For Your Love Don Dixon
17. Bossa Nova Beach Girl
18. Death Of A Matador
19. Kansas City
20. Apache (Live Studio Recording)
21. How Can I Help You Girl
22. Stranger On The Shore - Alternate
23. Shake It Easy
24. Fuzz Factor
25. Sauerkraut
26. Wipe Out - Live Studio Recording

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