Vincent Gene - Temptation Baby -The Complete COLUMBIA Singles (10``LP)

Vincent Gene - Temptation Baby -The Complete COLUMBIA Singles (10``LP)


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After his legendary years on Capitol Records.  Gene Vincent found
himself breaking the rules in Europe, where in the early sixties he was
still acclaimed as one of best rockers and his stage shows where wild
and frantic.   At the end of 1963 Gene signed with British Columbia
Records, releasing four singles and one LP from 1964 to 1965.  

Here  you´ll find the complete four singles, three of them including songs that
did not appear on the LP.    On those singles Gene made impressive
performances, at least as finest as his top recordings on Capitol.

We´ve included also as bonus track, the first version of TEMPTATION
BABY recorded by Joe Meek for the sondtrack of the British rock´n´roll
movie LIVE IT UP.
                                                                            DeeJay Francho

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Side A
1. Temptation Baby
2. Where Have You Been All My Life
3. Humpity Dumpity
4. La-Den-Da-Den-Da-Da

Side B:
1. A Love'em And Leave'em Kinda Guy
2. The Beginning Of The End
3. Private Detective
4. You're My Sunshine

Bonus track:
5. Gene Vincent & The British Blue Caps - Temptation Baby - (Live It Up film acetate track)

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