Various - Waikiki Surf Battle (Käytetty LP/12)

Various - Waikiki Surf Battle (Käytetty LP/12)


Hawaii’s top surf combos recorded live at the Waikiki ”Battle Of The Bands” held in 1963 and 1964.

Each side is one continuous recording with no distinct spaces between tracks. The listing is the proper order of bands and songs, however interspersed between each performance is screaming-teen crowd noise (choppily edited), with some announcing, mostly on side A, which begins with a 1:38 intro by the announcer.

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Mitat 35 × 35 × 0,5 cm (senttimetri)
Tuotekoodi MG 5-0
Tuottaja McGarrett Records
Vuosi 1996
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1963 Battle
a1 Royal Victors– High Surf
a2 Vaqueros – Vagabond Fever
a3 Stardels– Last Night
a4 Statics – Wipeout
a5 Shandels – Panic Button
a6 Angie & The Originals– Surfrider
a7 Vogues – Zombie
a8 Spiedels– Apache
a9 Spiedels– Pipeline/Movin’
1964 Battle
b1 Dimensions – Pressure
b2 Royal Malads– Journey Of The Stars
b3 Infasions– War Of The Satellites
b4 Starlighters– Cruel Sea
b5 Rivals– Penetration
b6 Lepricons– Surf Jam
b7 Statics – Static Beat
b8 Renegades – The Ward
b9 Spiedels– Miserlou (1963)

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