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Blue Velvet - Waiting For A Sign (CD)


Germany and Canada joins forces!

Enviken Records and The Blue Velvets, are proud to present the bands debut debut album.

Berlin based band The Blue Velvets are a collective of seasoned virtuosos, each with a storied history in the music world. The band’s charismatic members bring their own unique flair, and their Canadian frontman adds an international twist to the mix. Together, they’ve created great songs that pays homage to the genre’s roots while injecting their own rich experiences and influences.

Here is a quote from the review that Slap That Bass Reviews did for their single:

”New bands, trios, duos are formed every month or so, but every now and then a sound will break through that just gives you goosebumps.

Blue Velvet are one of those bands. They really are what it says on the tin. Playing a mixture of country, rock n roll and roots music.

Alister who is from Canada is giving us a treat with his songwriting and guitar skill, whilst both Mario and Ralph prove why they have been around with such bands as Spo-dee-o-dee, The Rob Ryan Roadshow, The Lazy Boys, Rosis Rockets and Johnny Falstaff.

A full album with all original tracks is planned for later in the year and if these two tracks are anything to go by. We are in for a real treat.”

And a treat this album surely is, The Blue Velvets is firmly rooted in the 50’s music tradition but a real nice twist is that they also reminds us of some of the Neo-Rockabilly sounds from the 80’s.

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Mitat 14,2 × 12,5 × 1 cm (senttimetri)
Tuotekoodi EnRec199
Tuottaja Enviken Records
Vuosi 2023

1. Waiting For A Sign
2. Ordinary Man
3. I’m Her Man
4. Troubles Ahead
5. Joe Jobs
6. Last Chance Saloon
7. A Girl I Used To Know
8. From Now On
9. Long For The Wild
10. Amelia
11. Little Jane May

Blue Velvet

  • Blue Velvet - Waiting For A Sign / I’m Her Man (7 single/EP)