Watson Dale - Live Deluxe…Plus (2CD) (CD)

Watson Dale - Live Deluxe…Plus (2CD) (CD)


This modern-day, old-soul honky-tonker has garnered a fervent following with his studio albums and, even more, his live shows. He makes us feel like we’re back in the golden age of the Bakersfield sound, and here’s a double dose of that sound: 2 CDs of live tracks including ”Can’t Be Satisfied,” ”Ain’t That Livin’,” ”Heart of Stone,” ”I Got Stripes,” ”You’ll Cry Too,” ”I Think of You,” ”Wine Wine Wine,” ”I Ain’t Been Right,” ”Hair of the Dog,” ”No Help Wanted”…46 in all!

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    1. Intro
    2. Real Country Song
    3. Can't Be Satisfied
    4. Ain't That Livin'
    5. In the Jailhouse Now
    6. Mama's Hungry Eyes
    7. Another Day, Another Dollar
    8. Legends (What If...)
    9. Bright Lights and Blonde-Haired Women
    10. Heart of Stone
    11. Nashville Rash
    12. Lee's Liquor Lounge
    13. I Hate These Songs
    14. Turn Off the Jukebox
    15. You Are My Friend
    16.. How to Break Your Own Heart
    17. Country My Ass
    18. I Got Stripes
    19. A Couple of Beers Ago
    20. No Fussin', No Cussin'
    21. Closing / Call It a Night
    22. You'll Cry Too
    23. The Party's Over

    1. Honky Tonkers
    2. Making Up Time
    3. You Pour Salt in the Wound
    4. Heaahh!!
    5. I'm Wondering
    6. Luther
    7. Whiskey or God
    8. 38-21-34
    9. Made in Japan
    10. Wine Wine Wine
    11. Yellow Mama
    12. I Think of You
    13. Exit 109
    14. I See Your Face
    15. Gone, Gone, Away, Pretty Girls Never Stay
    16. Tequila and Teardrops
    17. I Take a Lot of Pride in What I Am
    18. Hair of the Dog
    19. South of Round Rock Texas
    20. No Help Wanted
    21. I Ain't Been Right
    22. Way Down Texas Way
    23. My Heart Is Yours

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