Robert And Johnny - We Belong Together + 12 Bonus tracks (CD)

Robert And Johnny - We Belong Together + 12 Bonus tracks (CD)


”Teenage preoccupations are uppermost in the timeless 1957 Robert & Johnny classic We Belong Together. The song spent 22 weeks on the Billboard charts, reached number 32 on the pop charts and number 18 on the R&B chart (though the sales were greater than the chart suggests, because the record hit different regions at different times). Robert & Johnny came from the Bronx and their trademark sound was a sighing and pausing vocal approach: when one sings, the other dweezies in the background; they then come together on the choruses. Concert and media appearances followed the success of We Belong Together – on the rock package shows of Alan Freed and his compatriots and on TV on American Bandstand. In June 1958, the follow-up I Believe In You was released but it failed to capitalise on their big hit, enjoying only regional sales. Within four years their sound had become an anachronism but their music is not forgotten and typifies ’50s teenage cruising music at its best. As Hy Weiss, of Old Town Records, once observed about We Belong Together, ”A good song never dies, and this is proof”.”

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  • 1. We Belong Together
  • 2. Broken Hearted Man
  • 3. I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance
  • 4. Baby Come Home
  • 5. You're Mine
  • 6. Eternity With You
  • 7. Dream Girl
  • 8. Oh My Love
  • 9. Million Dollar Bills
  • 10. I Got You
  • 11. Give Me The Key To Your Heart
  • 12. Wear This Ring
  • 13. Gosh Oh Gee
  • 14. Don't Do It
  • 15. I Believe In You
  • 16. God Knows
  • 17. Bad Dan
  • 18. Indian Marriage
  • 19. Your Kisses
  • 20. Baby Baby
  • 21. Hear My Heartbeat
  • 22. Togetherness
  • 23. I'm Truly Truly Yours
  • 24. Please Me Please
  • 25. Try Me Pretty Baby
  • 26. Baby Girl Of Mine
  • 27. Train To Paradise

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