Arthur Charline - Welcome To The Club (CD)

Arthur Charline - Welcome To The Club (CD)


”Upea julkaisu. Tiukkaa country-rock`n`rollia. Loistava naislaulaja.

The lady who wore the trousers! Charline leaped from amplifiers, sang lying down on-stage, and cavorted wildly. Her act was radically different from Kitty Wells and the other female country singers of the day. ”I was shakin’ that thing on-stage long before Elvis ever thought about it,” she once bragged. ”I was a blues singer. I wanted to sing something original.” And she did.

The best of Charline’s recording career from 1949 to 1957 is captured here. During that time, she recorded for Bullet, Imperial, Coin, and RCA Victor. There were no hits, but an awful lot of good music. When rock ’n’ roll came along, it wasn’t news to Charline-she had been shakin’ it up for years. She found great original country songs like He Fiddled While I Burned, Flash Your Diamonds, and Looking At The Moon And Wishing On A Star; she covered R&B classics like Burn That Candle, and she flat out rocked, as on Welcome To The Club.”

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  • 1. Burn That Candle
  • 2. Just Look, Don't Touch, He's Mine
  • 3. I Love Him Better Than You Do
  • 4. How Many Would There Be?
  • 5. What About Tomorrow
  • 6. Welcome To The Club
  • 7. I'm Having A Party All By Myself
  • 8. Honey Bun
  • 9. Looking At The Moon And Wishing On A Star
  • 10. He Fiddle While I Burned
  • 11. I Heard About You
  • 12. Leave My Man Alone
  • 13. Flash Your Diamonds
  • 14. I Was Wrong
  • 15. Too Long, Too Many Times
  • 16. (I'm In Love With) Someone's Used To Be
  • 17. Waltzing
  • 18. The Good And The Bad
  • 19. Heartbreak Ahead
  • 20. Soft Hearted Gal
  • 21. For Old Times' Sake
  • 22. Later On
  • 23. Double
  • 24. Crossed My Love
  • 25. Kiss The Baby Goodnight
  • 26. Anything Can Happen
  • 27. I Kept It A Secret
  • 28. Please Darlin' Please
  • 29. Hello Baby
  • 30. Cryin' Alone
  • 31. I've Got The Boogie Blues
  • 32. Is Love A Game
  • 33. Dreaming Of You

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