Paterson Joel - Wheelhouse Rag (CD)

Paterson Joel - Wheelhouse Rag (CD)


Joel Paterson has been a mainstay of the Chicago roots music scene for over twenty years, playing with many bands and showcasing his unique blend jazz, blues, rockabilly, country and western swing. Joel can be heard on the recordings of the Cactus Blossoms, JD McPherson, Kelly Hogan, Pokey LaFarge, and Deke Dickerson. Wheelhouse Rag is a 14-track collection of original rags and country blues on solo, finger picking acoustic guitar.

The all-acoustic, 1920’s-tinged Wheelhouse Rag may at first seem like a departure in genre for the guitarist-he is predominantly known for his instrumental multitracked recordings reminiscent of Les Paul and Chet Atkin. These influences can be heard throughout the album, mixed in with many more twists and turns from the mind of the artist, to bring you, Wheelhouse Rag: the original fingerstyle guitar instrumentals of Joel Paterson

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Vuosi 2023

1. Preston Rag
2. Nellie’s Dream
3. King Street Breakdown
4. Pensacola Stroll
5. Buzzin’ the Frets
6. Go Lightnin’
7. Grafton River Blues
8. Wheelhouse Rag
9. Keep on Travelin’
10. Gizzards and Chess Pie
11. Jailhouse Special
12. Claremont Blues
13. Jalopy Stomp
14. Call That Gone

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