Polecats - White Devils From Satan’s Hollow (DVD)

Polecats - White Devils From Satan’s Hollow (DVD)


One of the wildest live bands of the 1980s Rockabilly revival show that time hasn’t tamed them with a lively Polecats performance filmed at Satan’s Hollow in Manchester, England.
The Polecats blast through their best-known songs and hit singles including Rockabilly Guy, John I’m Only Dancing, Marie Celeste, Jeepster, Down The Line, Red Ready Amber and many others, with bonus interview footage too.

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Mitat 19 × 13,5 × 1,4 cm
Tuottaja Raucous Records ‎
Vuosi 2008
1 Big Green Car
2 Get On The Right Track Baby
3 Red Ready Amber
4 What Do I Get?
5 Black Magic
6 Little Pig
7 Let’s Bop
8 We Say Yeah!
9 Bang Bang
10 Marie Celeste
11 Jeepster
12 Down The Line
13 John I’m Only Dancing
14 Rockabilly Guy
15 Please Give Me Something
16 Boppin’ Highschool Baby
17 I’m Ready
18 Polecats Interview

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