Restless - Why Don`t You…Just Rock (Käytetty CD)

Restless - Why Don`t You…Just Rock (Käytetty CD)


LEGENDAARINEN EKA ALBUMI BONUS BIISIEN KERA!!! HUOM! EI SAA ENÄÄ UUTENA!! Their first studio album plus three tracks from their original demo. Essential stuff! Scorching guitar, slappin’ bass, manic drumming, great songs. The best selling album on Nervous. It’s obvious why….


Why don’t you just rock is absolutely fantastic.. I bought it way back when – on vinyl. Restless were always fantastic, better than the Guana Batz. I was one of the chicks from the 80’s in the clubs dancing and screaming. Pussyadore, UK

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  • 1. It's a scam
  • 2. Ice cold
  • 3. Why don't you just rock?
  • 4. High time
  • 5. Last chance baby
  • 6. Tag, man, tag
  • 7. Long black shiny car
  • 8. Face in my gin
  • 9. Yellow cab to midnight
  • 10. Morning comes slowly
  • 11. Blackat
  • 12. Travellin
  • 13. High time #2
  • 14. Later
  • 15. That's all right

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