Williams Larry - That Larry Williams (CD)

Williams Larry - That Larry Williams (CD)


Product Description 1:A lost treasure from R&B pioneer Larry Williams-the only album he ever issued in the 70s, recorded a few years before his untimely and mysterious death! The 1978 Fantasy set’s got a heavy funk feel on most numbers-a great reworking of Williams’ earlier groove, set to backings that feature Fred Wesley and Maceo Parker on horny horns, plus Rudy Copeland on keyboards! The approach is similar to the 70s grooves used by Larry’s west coast contemporary Johnny Guitar Watson-although sadly, this album never brought Williams the same sort of comeback fame. Gene Sculatti contributes liner notes that delve into Williams’ curious career.______Product Description 2 :1978 funk album from the great R&B singer, includes a disco re-work of his orginal 50’s hit Bony Moronie’!”

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  • 1. Bony Moronie (Disco Queen)
  • 2. One Thing Or The Other
  • 3. ATS Express
  • 4. The Resurrection of Funk (Funk Comes Alive)
  • 5. How Can I Believe What You Say
  • 6. Funky Force Is With You
  • 7. Can`t Dance To The Music If It Ain`t Got A Funky Rhythm

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