Williams Larry - The Complete Releases 1957-1961 (2CD) (CD)

Williams Larry - The Complete Releases 1957-1961 (2CD) (CD)


Larry Williams was a blues, R&B and rock`n`roll singer from New Orleans, who was a contemporary and close associate of Little Richard and Lloyd Price, and who registered a series of influential landmark rock n roll hits during the late 50s with Short Fat Fannie, Bony Moronie and Dizzy Miss Lizzie. He worked as a chauffeur for Lloyd price for a while, as well as playing in the his band and those of Roy Brown and Percy Mayfield, and through his connections with Price and Little Richard got a deal with the Specialty label.

When Little Richard quit rock n roll to take up the ministry, producer Robert Blackwell groomed Williams to step into his shoes, and in 1959 he scored Top 10 R&B and pop hits with Short Fat Fannie and Bony Moronie. He could not maintain the flow of hits, but recorded many classics which were later recorded by major artists, with The Beatles reviving Dizzy Miss Lizzie, Slow Down and Bad Boy and The Rolling Stones recording She Said Yeah, while Bony Moronie became a staple of rock n roll bands the world over.

This 32-track CD comprises every track he released, naturally including all those well-known titles, during this first and most important period of his career up until the time that he was incarcerated for drug offences at the start of the 60s, and as such it is a definitive cross-section of his work and an entertaining slice of classic rock n roll.

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01. JUST BECAUSE (Specialty 597)(a-side, BB R&B 11/February 1957)*his first single
02. LET ME TELL YOU BABY (Specialty 597)(b-side to “Just Because”, February 1957)
03. HIGH SCHOOL DANCE (Specialty 608)(b-side to “Short Fat Fannie”, BB Pop 5/May 1957)
04. SHORT FAT FANNIE (Specialty 608)(a-side, BB Pop 5/April 1957; BB R&B 1(1)/1957; CB Pop 12/1957; RW Pop 9/1957; UK 21/1957)
05. BONY MORONIE (Specialty 615)(a-side, BB Pop 14/October 1957; BB R&B 4/1957; CB Pop 17/1957; RW Pop 24/1957; UK 11/1957)
06. YOU BUG ME BABY (Specialty 615)(b-side to “Bony Moronie”, BB Pop 45/October 1957; CB Pop 60/1957; RW Pop 37/1957)
07. DIZZY MISS LIZZY (Specialty 626)(a-side, BB Pop 69/February 1958; RW Pop 85/1958)*later recorded by the Beatles
08. SLOW DOWN (Specialty 626)(b-side to “Dizzy Miss Lizzy”, February 1958)*later recorded by the Beatles
09. HOOTCHY-KOO (Specialty 634)(uncharted a-side, June 1958)
10. THE DUMMY (Specialty 634)(b-side to “Hootchy-Koo”, June 1958)
11. I WAS A FOOL (Specialty 647)(b-side to “Peaches and Cream”, September 1958)
12. PEACHES AND CREAM (Specialty 647)(uncharted a-side, September 1958)
13. SHE SAID “YEAH” (Specialty 658)(uncharted a-side, January 1959)*later recorded by the Rolling Stones
14. BAD BOY (Specialty 658)(b-side to “She Said Yeah”, January 1959)*later recorded by the Beatles
15. STEAL A LITTLE KISS (Specialty 665)(uncharted a-side, April 1959)

16. I CAN’T STOP LOVIN’ YOU (Specialty 665)(b-side to “Steal A Little Kiss”, April 1959)
17. GIVE ME LOVE (Specialty 677)(b-side to “Teardrops”, October 1959)
18. TEARDROPS (Specialty 677)(uncharted a-side, October 1959)
19. TING-A-LING (Specialty 682)(uncharted a-side, February 1960)
20. LITTLE SCHOOLGIRL (Specialty 682)(b-side to “Ting-A-Ling”, February 1960)
21. MAKE A LITLE LOVE (Specialty SP2019)(uncharted a-side, 1959)
22. LAWDY MISS CLAWDY (Specialty SP2019)(b-side to “Make A Little Love”, 1959)
23. MY BABY’S GOT SOUL (Chess 1736)(a-side, CB Pop 110/August 1959; RW Pop 113/1959)
24. EVERY DAY I WONDER (Chess 1736)(b-side to “My Baby’s Got Soul”, August 1959)
25. GET READY (Chess 1745)(b-side to “Baby, Baby”, December 1959)
26. BABY, BABY (Chess 1745)(uncharted a-side, December 1959)
27. I WANNA KNOW (Chess 1761)(uncharted a-side, July 1960)
28. LIKE A GENTLEMAN OUGHTA (Chess 1761)(b-side to “I Wanna Know”, July 1960)
29. OH, BABY (Chess 1764)(b-side to “I Hear My Baby”, August 1960)
30. I HEAR MY BABY (Chess 1764)(a-side, CB Pop 114/August 1960)
31. LAWDY MAMA (Chess 1805)(b-side to “Fresh Out of Tears”, October 1961)
32. FRESH OUT OF TEARS (Chess 1805)(uncharted a-side, October 1961)

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