Wilson Kim - Take Me Back – The Bigtone Sessions (CD)

Wilson Kim - Take Me Back – The Bigtone Sessions (CD)

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Kim Wilson’s first solo recording in since 2017.

After 17 years, Kim Wilson (leader singer of the Fabulous Thunderbirds) has rejoined M.C. Records for his upcoming and 7th solo release, ”Take Me Back.” The recording is Kim’s first solo release in three years. In 2001 and 2003, M.C. Records released ”Smokin’ Joint” & ”Lookin’ For Trouble”, both were nominated for Grammy Awards.

”For the last 17 years, I have had fond memories of working with Mark Carpentieri at M. C. Records. When we met before the award-winning, Big Jack Johnson BBQ sessions I was very impressed with his positive productivity. He runs a tight ship and is always working very hard on your behalf. I’m looking forward to our journey on this next record and thanks for welcoming me back aboard!”
Kim Wilson

”Take Me Back” is deep, authentic, and filled with the gut-wrenching blues sounds Kim has made famous for over 40 years. Recorded live in the studio and mono at Bigtone studios, Kim delivers the blues as his heroes did in the golden age of the genre in the 1950s. Kim and his all-star band muscle through 16 tracks with some new Wilson songs and a mix of some great blues and R&B nuggets by the likes of Jimmy Rogers, Guitar Gabriel, Jimmy Nolan, Larry Williams and more.

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1. You've Been Goofin'
2. Wingin'It
3. Fine Little Woman
4. Slow Down
5. No Place To Go
6. Strange Things Happening
7. Play Me
8. If It Ain't Me
9. Strollin'
10. The Last Time
11. Money. Marbles and Chalk
12. Take Me Back
13. Rumblin'
14. I'm Sorry
15. Goin' Away Baby
16. Out of the Fryin' Pan