Howlin` Wilf & The Vee-Jays - Ya Ya – Live DVD (DVD)

Howlin` Wilf & The Vee-Jays - Ya Ya – Live DVD (DVD)


It seems as though everyone is singing the praises of newly discovered sensation James Hunter. The comparisons to greats such as Sam Cooke and James Brown are just – although he is no imitator. Hunter is blessed with a wonderfully natural vocal, which shines when he performs his soulful Rhythm & Blues. His 2006 album People Gonna Talk” was his U.S. breakthrough, but the James Hunter story actually begins some 20 years earlier. In 1986 Hunter formed his first Rhythm & Blues band The Veejays, taking on the pseudonym Howlin’ Wilf. They were soon the heppest cats in Camden Town – popular enough to give up their day jobs and go pro!

Within a year, Howlin’ Wilf & The Veejays has cut their first album, the Boz Boorer produced ”Cry Wilf”, and had appeared on national TV courtesy of legendary music-show ”The Tube”. As the 1980s progressed, Wilf and the band issued a steady stream of vinyl, skipping from label to label including Waterfront and Un-American activities. Their popularity as a live act saw them tour throughout Europe and into the USA, until the end of 1989 when the band split. Hunter’s new-found popularity has also been marked by the 20th anniversary CD re-issue of his debut ”Cry Wilf” album (Big Beat Records CDWIKM 51) ”Ya Ya” features a full show from The Veejays 1987 UK tour.”

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  • 1. Got A Thing For You
  • 2. Got My Eyes On You
  • 3. Rockingitus
  • 4. Ya Ya
  • 5. I Know You Dont Love Me
  • 6. 21 Days In Jail
  • 7. Mellow Down Easy
  • 8. God Bless The Child
  • 9. Baby Please Don't Go
  • 10. Boogie