Hanna Hush - Years (Gatefold) (LP)

Hanna Hush - Years (Gatefold) (LP)


A Long-awaited debut album from Hanna Hush, one of the top new singers in the genre. An excellent mix of rockabilly, country- and roots music with small jazz influences with melancholy overtones. Hanna`s singing is backed by amazing guitar riffs and solos, tight rhythm section and upright bass that shows all sides from soft lines to hard slapping. This all together with is a mix that carry the record from the beginning to the end. The album name Years describes the album perfectly. The songs and topics are collected over the years about personal experiences, joy and sorrow into one album.

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Mitat 35 × 35 × 0,5 cm (senttimetri)
Tuotekoodi TCB-
Tuottaja Jungle Records
Vuosi 2023
Video https://youtu.be/0UvLrXYpbFE?si=xaVSNRG23psO1rD3

1. Hold On Me 2:38
2. Hitchhike 2:57
3. Three Steps To Heaven 3:04
4. Find Me Again featuring Thomas Pareigis 3:43
5. FYI 2:38
6. Healing 4:00
7. Redemption 3:41
8. Sinnerman 2:52
9. Reaper 4:10
10. Hunters 2:11
11. City Lights 2:35
12. Years 3:59

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