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York Rusty - Rocks (CD)



It’s time to pay tribute to one of the great unknowns.

Most rock ’n’ roll fans know Rusty York’s hit, Sugaree…, it’s one of the last truly great rockabilly singles.

But there was much more to his career, and it’s a career that opens the door onto the thriving Cincinnati scene in the 1950s. We begin with Rusty in the King and Rite studio in 1957 covering several of the big hits of the day before hooking up with Jackie DeShannon’s manager/partner, Pat Nelson, to record a blistering instrumental, Cajun Blues, for Fraternity and Dot. He recorded Sugaree for Nelson’s label, but it was acquired by Chess, and became a nationwide hit. Rusty toured with Jack Scott and the big stars of the day. He recorded one more session for Chess (unissued at the time) before cutting more instrumentals for Sage & Sand Records.

Then, in 1961, came the incredible session for King with Hank Ballard’s band, featuring Tremblin’, Lovestruck, and Ballard’s Tore Up Over You.

We close with the rare rocking version of Jimmy Reed’s Baby What You Want Me To Do, the song that Elvis would make into a classic a few years later.

Rusty became a successful studio owner. He rarely plays revival shows, but he’s one of the great untold stories of the rock ’n’ roll era. Bear Family has gone to great lengths to find original audio sources, and we’ve borrowed Rusty’s own photo album to make this set into an absolute must-have.

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  • 1. Sugaree
  • 2. Sweet Love
  • 3. The Girl Can't Help It
  • 4. Mean Woman Blues
  • 5. Peggy Sue
  • 6. Great Balls Of Fire
  • 7. Shake 'em Up Baby
  • 8. Red Rooster (instrumental)
  • 9. Sweet Talk
  • 10. Peggy Sue (2)
  • 11. Sadie Mae
  • 12. Tore Up Over You
  • 13. Tremblin'
  • 14. Love Struck
  • 15. La Dee Dah (& Bonnie Lou)
  • 16. Cajun Blues / Frosty (instrumental)
  • 17. Goodnight Cincinnati, Good Morning Tennessee
  • 18. Sweet Love (2)
  • 19. You'd Better Leave My Baby Alone
  • 20. Baby What You Want Me To Do
  • 21. Don't Do It
  • 22. One, One, One, Wonderful (instrumental)
  • 23. Molly Darlin'
  • 24. Tremblin' (alt)
  • 25. Tore Up Over You (alt)
  • 26. The Girl Can't Help It (2)
  • 27. A Fallen Star
  • 28. Margaret Ann

York Rusty

  • York Rusty - Rock And Roll Memories (Käytetty LP/12)