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Yuro Timi - I’m A Star Now – Rarities 1956-1982 (CD)


– Blue-eyed soul singer TIMI YURO is fondly remembered for hits like R&B ballad ‘Hurt’.

– Compiled by expert Mike Iannarelli, I’M A STAR NOW is a unique set of mostly unreleased tracks spanning the Italian-American vocalist’s entire career.

– ‘With All My Heart’, was recorded when Timi was only 15 years old! ‘Drive In Movie’, ‘The First Hurt’ and ‘Bye Bye Little Boy’ were demos from 1959-60. ‘This Is My Song’, ‘Love Is A Wonderful Thing’ and ‘You’ve Got Your Troubles’ were recorded in 1967 in the Philippines.

– ‘Gone’, ‘You’re Gonna Smile’ and ‘Why Am I Treated So Bad’ (1967) partnered Timi with school friend Marshall Leib (from The Teddy Bears). ‘I’ll Belong To You’, ‘Daddy’, ‘Until You Were Gone’ and ‘I’m A Star Now’ were made in 1969-70.

– ‘To Love Somebody’, ‘Feelin’ Alright’ and ‘But I Do’ were recorded in 1972, ‘Ain’t Gonna Kiss You’ in 1977 and ‘Words’ in 1982 in Europe during Timi’s comeback. ‘Only A Daydream’, ‘Wings Of Inspiration’ and ‘Two Different Worlds’, were only available on a Dutch EP in 1976 and are new to CD.

– Good sales continuity on RPM with the fifth album in the successful series of Timi Yuro releases on the label. 

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1. With All My Heart

  2. Drive In Movie
  3. The First Hurt
  4. Bye Bye Little Boy
  5. This Is My Song
  6. Love Is A Wonderful Thing
  7. You've Got Your Troubles
  8. Gone
  9. You're Gonna Smile
  10. Why Am I Treated So Bad
  11. I'll Belong To You
  12. Daddy
  13. Until You Were Gone
  14. I'm A Star Now
  15. To Love Somebody
  16. Feelin' Alright
  17. But I Do
  18. It's Only A Daydream
  19. Two Different Worlds
  20. Wings Of Inspiration
  21. Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya
  22. Let's Write A Love Song
  23. Our Love
  24. Words

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