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  • Gordon Robert & Chris Spedding - Rockin` The Paradiso CD & DVD (Digipack Limited Edition) (CD)


    Live taltiointi Paradison keikalta viime vuodelta. Mahtava soundinen ja monella kameralla kuvattu konsertti. Robert Gordon and Chris Spedding’s marvellous partnership began in the fall of 1978. It was the birth of an unusual but compelling alliance. From 1978 to 1993, these two artists served up some of the most exciting, pure rock ’n’ roll heard since it began a revolution back in 1956. They continued to make world-wide tours until 1993.  

    Last summer, they both felt the need of performing together again , and in early September 2005, they hit shows in Denmark, Sweden, France, Finland and Holland. It was a moving experience to see two musical giants on the same stage again, and indeed they themselves appeared to be moved by that fact. The special chemistry that had always marked their association was fully intact, and night after night they wowed audiences with their unique brand of rock ’n’ roll.

    The concert at the Paradiso in Amsterdam was the final night of the tour and, inspired by a wild audience, they delivered a classic performance. The band, which also featured John Willoughby on upright bass and Todd Glass on drums, was now a tight unit, and offerings like ’It Feels So Right’ and ’Turn Me Loose’ were just stunning.

    It was a triumph of musical greatness, which was filmed and recorded, and which we will release in march.

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