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  • Ameera & the New Jump Blues - Bop Doo Day CD-EP (CD)


    Ameera is an exciting young singer and charismatic performer whose style is both contemporary and timeless. She’s only 20 years old and has already completed a world tour with Lady Gaga, who personally picked her as her backup singer. Now, the aspiring star has emerged as a lead singer in her own rite, creating an exciting new style based on one of the most dynamic jazz styles of the 1940s, the flashy and high-stepping Jump Blues. With her infectious energy and commanding stage presence, the talented singer/songwriter is destined to spark the New Jump Blues” movement of the 21st Century. She is currently in the studio working on her first album featuring her own band of top-notch musicians. Ameera, whose name means princess in Arabic, is building a thrilling new musical future based on America’s greatest cultural traditions.

    ”I plan to venture musically where no other artist has gone,” says Ameera with a vision uncommon among her peers. ”I feel that it’s my job to paint a new picture, not to compromise.””

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