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  • Presley Elvis - At Full Force (A Hot Winter Night In Dallas) (Käytetty CD)


    ”UUSI VERSIO A HOT WINTER NIGHT (Fort Baxter 1998) CD:STÄ, NYT VIELÄ PAREMMILLA SOUNDEILLA! YKSI KAUTTA-AIKOJEN PARHAISTA KEIKOISTA! By popular demand! For those who missed Fort Baxter’s 1998 ”A HOT WINTER NIGHT IN DALLAS” СD, Audionics will release the strictly limited edition CD ”AT FULL FORCE” (AUDIONICS 2010-02-2). This release will contain the dynamic December 28th, 1976 show as recorded live from the mixing desk at the Dallas Convention Center.

    To achieve the best possible sound quality, Audionics worked with a 1st generation DAT copy of the original soundboard tape, that was also used for the 1998 release. The sound was restored in a renowned studio and is a significant improvement over the original release.

    As you’ve come to expect from us, this new release will come in a beautifully designed package with a 16-page booklet, containing a selection of live photographs from Elvis Presley appearances in Dallas in 1956, 1971, 1976 and 1976 as well as informative liner notes. This CD is set for release in late February. Don’t miss your opportunity to get the ultimate release of that legendary concert recording! Those that are a bit weary of hearing another ’76 show following the release of several substandard ’76 shows of late, are in for a real surprise. The way he attacks ”C.C. Rider” sets the tone for an action-packed evening with Presley in great mood (”If I die tonight, it will only take a year to get the smile off my face”), with the highlight being the first version of ”Unchained Melody” that we have – he’d started doing it the night before, but it’s still uncertain whether that 1st version exists. It’s great to hear this fantastic song in such embryo-like fashion, with Elvis still not being entirely ’at home’ with it, exploring its possibilities and making it his own.”

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