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  • Helms Bobby - The Little Darlin` Sound Of (CD)


    Bobby Helms is best known for his Christmas perennial Jingle Bell Rock,” along with a pair of big country-pop crossover singles in 1957, ”Fraulein” and ”My Special Angel.” After those three classic singles in the late ’50s, Helms disappeared from the charts, but he kept recording steadily into the early ’70s. While his early hitmaking years have been documented well on Bear Family’s double-disc set Fraulein: The Classic Years — not only the only CD-era compilation of his recordings, but the only compilation he’s had since 1963, which gives a sense how neglected he’s been by reissue labels — there has been little attention to the sides he cut for Little Darlin’ Records between 1967 and 1970. Koch finally remedies that situation with the long overdue 2004 release The Little Darlin’ Sound of Bobby Helms. At 15 tracks, this is far from a complete overview of his work for the label — it contains about half of the 12 songs from the 1968 album All New Just for You and there are singles mentioned in the brief uncredited liner notes that do not appear on the collection (the liner notes would also have benefited from the inclusion of songwriting credits) — and there’s a bit too much emphasis on covers of both his old standards and contemporary hits from the late ’60s, but given both the rarity and consistency of this material, it’s hard to complain too much (some may also complain about the muted fidelity of the disc, but since Koch was likely working from flawed source materials, it’s unfair to blame them for this). These sides are pure, straightforward country from the late ’60s, the kind of singles you’d hear at a truck stop or on the jukebox in a pool hall or neighborhood bar. There are strings, echoed pianos, and leisurely acoustic guitars on the ballads, the midtempo honky tonk songs skip along and are dressed with steel guitars, and by the time he recorded ”Mary Goes Round” in 1970, he was working in the progressive country style of Tom T. Hall, Waylon Jennings, and Bobby Bare. Helms had a strong and versatile voice, sounding convincing in all these settings, and even if these aren’t lost classics, for hardcore country collectors it doesn’t matter much, since it’s excellent genre material, particularly the lesser-known tunes and original Helms songs like ”I’m Gonna Love the Devil Out of You,” ”He Thought He’d Die Laughing,” ”I Know One,” ”Apt. No. 9,” and, especially, the last two cuts, ”Mary Goes Round” and ”Look What You’ve Done to My World.” This is first-rate straight-ahead country, and it’s great to have it back in print again. With any luck, another volume of Helms’ Little Darlin’ recordings will follow this excellent disc. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide”

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  • Collins Tommy - The Capitol Collection (CD)


    Todella hyvä kokoelma! As one of the forefathers of the lively, electric Bakersfield sound, Tommy Collins is one of the most important figures of country music in the ’50s, yet his recordings have not been nearly as well-circulated as they should have been. Of course, it’s hard to complain about his work not being widely available when it was all collected on Bear Family’s exhaustive 1992 five-disc set, Leonard, but the size of that box is intimidating even for those who could afford it. Fortunately, Koch released The Capitol Collection in 2005, finally giving Collins a single-disc set of highlights of his best work. While this doesn’t contain all of his charting singles — none of his ’60s singles are here — it has all of his hits from the ’50s, including You Better Not Do That,” ”High on a Hilltop,” ”I Guess I’m Crazy,” ”It Tickles,” ”Untied,” and ”You Oughta See Pickles Now,” along with a host of other great sides that illustrate exactly why Collins was such a great inspiration to Buck Owens and, especially, Merle Haggard (who gives an interview with Daniel Cooper for the disc’s fine liner notes). While hardcore country fans will need the box, listeners with a stricter budget, or who are merely curious, should get this terrific disc, which is an essential addition to any serious country music collection. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide”

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  • Hacienda Brothers (feat. Dave Gonzales) - Same (CD)


    ”Traditional honky tonk may be dead, but don’t tell the Hacienda Brothers that — they not only think it’s still alive and kicking, they play the stuff as if their lives depended on it. An inspired collaboration between rough-hewn singer/songwriter Chris Gaffney and Paladins guitar picker Dave Gonzalez, the Hacienda Brothers’ debut album gets marvelously sympathetic production from Memphis R&B legend Dan Penn, who also lends his estimable songwriter skills to two cuts, and obviously encouraged the band to walk the fine line between old-school country and old-school soul, hitting an emotional sweet spot that’s deeply affecting. If Gaffney doesn’t have the smoothest vocal instrument in the world, it richly communicates in the manner of Waylon Jennings and Johnny Paycheck, and he writes hurtin’ songs with the best of them, while Gonzalez’s sharp, concise guitar lines would have done any number of Bakersfield pickers proud. The Hacienda Brothers don’t bring a wealth of new textures to the sound and structure of classic country, but they play in the time-honored manner with grit, soul and passion, and that’s what has always set the best of this music apart; this album isn’t the sound of two guys rehashing the past, but proving how much can still be said within the boundaries of the honky tonk style, and it’s a true pleasure to hear. ~ Mark Deming, All Music Guide”

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  • Various - Caught In The Webb-A Tribute To The Legendary Webb Pierce (CD)


    ””There Stands the Glass,” ”Back Street Affair,” ”Honky Tonk Song,” ”Tupelo County Jail”–the biggest hits by Webb Pierce aren’t just country classics, they’re iconic expressions of the country form. Spearheaded by 1980s country star Gail Davies, Caught in the Webb pays tribute to Pierce’s legacy, but it provides other services too. For starters, all proceeds go to the Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation. Additionally, the cast of current country musicians assembled here is unprecedented in its diversity. The lineup features Webb’s fellow Hall of Famers George Jones, Willie Nelson, and Charley Pride; contemporary radio stars such as Dwight Yoakam and Pam Tillis; bluegrasser Del McCoury; singer-songwriters Guy Clark and Kevin Welch; songbirds Emmylou Harris and Crystal Gayle; and a slew of younger tradition-minded acts, including Dale Watson, Mandy Barnett, Robbie Fulks, BR549, and Allison Moorer. Finally, the music is marvelous. Throughout, the artists balance their distinctive styles with a reverence for Pierce’s wailing, rocking originals. Indeed, Caught in the Webb is one of finest multi-artist tribute albums ever made. -David Cantwell”

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