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  • Keb Darge & Little Edith's Legendary Wild Rockers Vol. 4 - Various (LP)


    Keb Darge has been with BBE since the beginning, he recently lived through a typhoon which destroyed the village where he lives in The Phillipines. His story, like the story of all survivors is a harrowing one. Somehow he managed to escape, with some records and put this album together, if you want to know more, check the sleeve notes, all the tracks were recorded between 1956 and 1964, and without them, we’d not have the incredible 40 years of ‘Rock’ music history to enjoy today, these were the trend setters of the day who laid the blue prints for what came after. Keb takes up the story ….

    “Well it’s been a rather exciting time for us since the last volume. We were in an Armageddon zombie survival movie with giant mutant rats attacking our house, gangs of armed convicts roaming the area raping and killing, hundreds of dead relatives and neighbours rotting in the sun, evil government officials hiding any food from the starving populous… Oh hell, my wife just told me it wasn’t a movie, it was real. I wouldn’t have got so involved if I’d known it was real at the time. Sadly we haven’t had much record buying excitement. Indeed there was a point where I would have swapped some of my rarest bits for a loaf of bread, fairly puts things into perspective. We have had to move back to London for a few years as a result, but feel lucky to have been able to do so. My heart goes out to those Filipinos who do not have the ability to escape. If any of you ever contemplate charity donations I must say that the International Red Cross and Plan International stand head and shoulders above the rest from my “on the ground” observations. Some of the others should be shot for their photo shoot opportunist attitude. There we are then. I hope you get as much pleasure from these tunes as I do. Perfect for parties, clubs, bath time, or just lying on the sofa absorbing their innocent beauty. A special thanks to all from the International Red Cross, Plan International, and the US Navy who came to our aid in Eastern Samar.” February 2014

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