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  • Evans Maureen - The Very Best of Maureen EVANS – Embassies & Orioles, 1958-1962 (CD)


    Cardiff-born MAUREEN EVANS was perhaps the most famous singer who recorded for EMBASSY RECORDS, the Woolworths-only budget record label.

    Many of her Embassy covers outsold the original hit versions, notably on songs like ’Stupid Cupid’, ’Born Too Late’, ’Goodbye, Jimmy, Goodbye’, ’Lipstick On Your Collar’, and ’Plenty Good Lovin”.

    She subsequently recorded for Embassy’s parent label, Oriole, registering with sides like ’The Big Hurt’, ’Love, Kisses And Heartaches’, ’Paper Roses’, ’Never In A Million Years’ and her 1962 worldwide, million-selling hit ’Like I Do’.

    This compilation presents the very best of Maureen’s Embassy and Oriole releases between 1958-62 and includes all her hits and important releases, alongside a handful of collectors’ rarities.

    Several of these sides are difficult to find elsewhere on CD, while a half-dozen or so have never previously been reissued, in any format.

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  • Various - Slide It On In! – 28 Classics of Slide Guitar Blues, 1948-1961 (CD)


    The slide guitar technique found popularity during the late 1920s and the 1930s especially in the Mississippi delta as many musicians began to look for individual styles to enhance their popularity.

    The 28 tracks here feature some of the greatest exponents of the style on a selection of tracks that may not have been hits or even in some instances have been released until many years after their recording. Several of the names like John Lee, John Dudley, Dan Pickett and Pinetop Slim are little known outside of blues collector circles. Others though did enjoy fame across the world for their music and records like, Muddy Waters, Robert Nighthawk, Johnny Shines and Homesick James.

    The influence of these musicians began to permeate into rock & roll music during the 1960s.

    Compiled and conceived by noted blues expert, Neil Slaven. Fully detailed liner notes.

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  • Various - The Land Beyond The Sun – Definitive Western Themes, Classics & Rarities (CD)


    Great artists of the 40s, 50s, & 60s present a dynamic picture of the American Western!

    Elton Britt (the great interpreter) featured with four stereo tracks including his re-make of There’s a Star-Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere.

    Classic television Western themes – Gunsmoke, Jim Bowie, Tales of Wells Fargo, Broken Arrow – revived after 50+ years!

    The inimitable Sons of the Pioneers’ eight tracks featuring Heartbreak Hill, The Land Beyond the Sun, & the classic How Great Thou Art.

    Four rarities from Jimmy Wakely including Sugar Plum Kisses & Let Me Go, Lover!

    The Ames Brothers return with four classic songs of the old Western Territory.

    More featuring Gordon MacRae, the Andrews Sisters, Dale Evans in Western settings.

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  • Various - Go West, Young Man! – Definitive Western Themes, Classics & Rarities (CD)


    Celebrate the American Western with these fabulous tracks!

    The Sons of the Pioneers with eight rare takes including themes from the classic Wagon Train, The Restless Gun, River of No Return, Cheyenne, & The Last Frontier.

    The Andrews Sisters’ My Love Went Without Water, issued ONLY in India, now available again! Also, Mule Train (with Dick Haymes) and Quicksilver (with Bing Crosby).

    Tex Ritter: the dramatic The Wayward Wind, The Searchers, The Last Wagon.

    Roy Rogers & Dale Evans: five tracks of The Old West by The King of the Cowboys and The Queen of the West!

    More drama from Gordon MacRae, Patti Page, Peggy Lee!

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  • Dors Diana - Swinging Dors – Expanded Edition (CD)


    Blonde Bombshell DIANA DORS is one of a handful of big-name, bill-topping ’Hollywood Golden Era’ actresses who were greatly underrated as singers, and as a result made very few records.

    Consequently her recorded legacy is minimal, running to little more than the sides gathered together on this set.

    This compilation is built around her highly-regarded LP ’Swinging Dors’, recorded for Pye Records in 1960, which has become a collectors’ item over the ensuing years.

    Also included is another serious collectors’ rarity, an earlier 78rpm single, ’I Feel So Mmm……’ / ’A Kiss And A Cuddle’, from 1953, alongside a track from a 1955 musical comedy, and five live performances from 1950s U.S. television shows.

    A special ’bonus track’ features the soundbed to a short 1956 television interview with Bob Hope, on American TV.

    This is a wholly unique compilation as this body of work has never been thus collated before, while the live TV performances have never previously appeared on CD.

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  • Eastwood Clint - Complete Clint – Singles & More, 1961-1962 (CD)


    In his 90+ years on Earth and 60+ year career, Clint Eastwood has been many things – actor, director, film producer, politician and occasional jazz pianist to name but a few.

    Clint has also dabbled occasionally in singing – and while he was at the height of his initial fame as a star of TV’s ’Rawhide’ in the 1950s and early 60s, he made several records that dovetailed with his televisual image of the time.

    There was no shortage of demand for Clint’s services as a singer, and while he was never going to be the new Frank Sinatra he could certainly carry a tune in a pleasant manner.

    This compilation features the A and B-sides of a number of singles that Clint released in the early 60s, plus a full album’s worth of – quite literally – country AND western songs that reflected his TV character ’Rowdy Yates’.

    Some of these recordings have been issued here and there on CD before, but this is the first project to bring you the ’Complete Clint’ on one CD. All tracks are, of course, mastered from the best possible sources.

    Despite being close to the end of his long and illustrious career these days, Clint Eastwood is still as popular as he was during his equally long and illustrious heyday – and we are sure that there will be no shortage of buyers out there for ’Complete Clint’.

    Go ahead, make our day…

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  • Sears Big Al - Goin’ Uptown – The R&B Years (CD)


    A colossus in every way possible, Big Al Sears was a giant of the tenor saxophone who played with the most popular bands of the swing era before meeting the rhythm & blues onslaught head-on and assisting Alan Freed to give birth to rock ’n’ roll.

    Here are thirty examples of the best of his unique style from his heyday in the 1950s, including the smash hit ’Castle Rock’.

    30 great cuts of prime sax honking and rockin’. This is a must have for fans of cool sax playing, r&b and rock ’n’ roll alike.

    Fully detailed liner notes covering his early life and career.

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  • Adams Faye - The Singles 1953-1956 (CD)



    A twenty-eight track compilation of FAYE ADAMS’ critically acclaimed recordings between 1953 and 1956.

    Includes three number ones ’Shake A Hand’. ’I’ll Be True’ & ’Hurts Me To My Heart’ from Billboard magazine’s Rhythm & Blues Chart.

    Her complete output on the Herald label and earlier recordings made for Atlantic.

    Long before Aretha Franklin, FAYE ADAMS could rightly be called ’The Queen of Soul’.

    Detailed notes include label scans, press ads and other memorabilia as well as telling her personal story including how Atlantic Records missed out on the million-selling ’SHAKE A HAND’ which spent ten weeks at the top of the R & B charts.

    FAYE ADAMS is the recipient of a ’Pioneer Award’ by America’s Rhythm And Blues Foundation, testament to her standing in the music that opened the door to Rock ’n’ Roll.

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  • Kornegay Big Bob - Your Line Was Busy – 28 Rockers, Blues & Ballads from, the Mystery Man of R&B (CD)


    There seems to be little or no biographical information about Bob Kornegay despite his presence in important vocal groups. He also had a solo career which despite never resulting in a chart hit included two very important recordings. ’The Man in the Phone Booth’ and the frantic rock & roll record ’Your Line Was Busy’ which are both on this new collection from the UKs premier reissue label Jasmine Records.

    This is the first time Big Bob Kornegay’s music has been compiled together in one collection. It follows his career from the opening blues recordings to his appearances in various vocal groups such as The Ravens and The Du Droppers before a selection of solo rock & Roll numbers.

    This is an essential purchase for all collectors of brilliant but obscure r&b and r&r.

    Fully detailed liner notes including original reviews and news stories from Billboard Magazine.

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  • Martin Dean - That’s Amore Baby! – The Great Hit Sounds Of… (2CD) (CD)


    Like the other legendary members of ’The Rat Pack’, the eternally cool Dean Martin really needs no introduction but in case you didn’t know… Dean Martin was a major star of records, stage, screen, radio, television and night clubs as a singer, comedian, dramatic actor. How’s that for a start?

    Here we have some of his very best recording sessions of the ’50s and early ’60s including the major hits: ’That’s Amore’, ’Memories Are Made of This’, ’Standing on the Corner’, ’Innamorata’, ’Young and Foolish’, and ’Return to Me’.

    Along with the hits there are also many of the most popular songs of the ’50s. However one the greatest features of this set has to be the inclusion of the full length album ’This Time I’m Swingin’!’ recorded with the gifted Nelson Riddle and in glorious stereo!

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  • Martin Dean - Joins Reprise (CD)


    When Frank Sinatra launched the Reprise label in 1961, his friends and cronies gradually signed for the label; DEAN MARTIN was a case in point, joining their roster in early 1962, upon the expiry of his Capitol contract.

    This compilation features his first two Reprise LPs, ’Dean Martin – French Style’ and ’Dino Latino’, the latter being a collection of largely Spanish favourites; both albums would be successfully reissued after Dino hit big with ’Everybody Loves Somebody’, a couple of years hence.

    Also included, as bonus tracks, are Dino’s first few Reprise singles, ’Tik-A-Tee, Tik-A-Tay’, ’Just Close Your Eyes’, ’From The Bottom Of My Heart (Dammi, Dammi, Dammi)’, ’Who’s Got The Action?’, and ’Sam’s Song’ , the latter a duet with Sammy Davis Jr.

    This is the first time this body of work has been thus compiled, while the bonus tracks are notoriously difficult to find elsewhere on CD.

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  • Streisand Barbra - Birth of a Legend – 1961-1962 Live Recordings (CD)


    These recordings present BARBRA STREISAND immediately before she exploded onto the US market in 1963, with her first two million-selling Columbia albums.

    This unique compilation is drawn from several unfeasibly rare live recordings during 1961/62, featuring various TV, radio and club performances, including The Ed Sullivan Show, and includes sides recorded at the Bon Soir nightclub in New York.

    A number of these songs, e.g. ’A Sleepin’ Bee’, ’When The Sun Comes Out’, ’My Colouring Book’, ’Lover, Come Back To Me’, ’Happy Days Are Here Again’, ’Value’ and ’Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered’ were integral features of Streisand’s early 60s repertoire.

    These recordings are as rare as hens’ teeth and are largely unavailable elsewhere.

    This is the companion to another, earlier Streisand/Jasmine release, ’BIRTH OF A LEGEND… 1962 Studio Recordings’

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  • Various - Rockin’ Movie Soundtracks (CD)


    Mucho excitement! Movie soundtracks, soundies and shorts. 58 rockers and smoochers reaching way back to ”Swing It Sister” by The Mills Brothers Swing Band from 1934 up to sax blaster Sam Butera & The Witnesses’ ”Twist All Night” from 1961.

    Set includes dance floor punishers by Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Eddie Cochran, Carl Perkins, Ritchie Valens, Bob Luman, Bill Haley plus a host of R&B soloists and vocal groups.

    A first-time assemblage of celluloid hipsters from the Golden Age of rockin’ hysteria.

    Detailed liner notes with synopsis of each film.

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  • Arthur Charline - Burn That Candle (CD)


    Regarded by many pundits as ’the forgotten woman of Rockabilly’, CHARLINE ARTHUR was very much ahead of her time.

    A discovery of the formidable Colonel Tom Parker, a couple of years before he managed Elvis, she was by all contemporaneous accounts a controversial, memorable and hugely popular live performer.

    She famously refused to play by the rules and often appeared onstage wearing pants, rather than the chintzy dresses worn by other female Country singers, and she sang sassy, suggestive songs (she was censored onstage at the Grand Ole Opry).

    This compilation reissues the sixteen singles she cut between, 1950-1956 across five different record labels, virtually her entire recorded legacy.

    It includes her regional hits ’Heartbreak Ahead’, ’He Fiddled While I Burned’, ’Waltzing’ and ’(I’m In Love With) Someone’s Used To Be’ alongside collectors’ items like ’Soft Hearted Gal’, ’Honey Bun’ and ’Burn That Candle’.

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  • Scott Linda - I’ve Told Every Little Star (CD)


    Only fifteen years of age when she registered her first million-seller with ’I’ve Told Every Little Star’, a worldwide hit for her in 1961, LINDA SCOTT briefly rivalled Connie Francis and Brenda Lee in popularity in 1961-62.

    This 2-CD set anthologises all her releases between 1959-62, starting with her debut 45 which she released under her real name, Linda Sampson, at the age of just fourteen.

    In all she had a dozen U.S. hits, including ’Don’t Bet Money, Honey’ (also a million-seller), ’Starlight, Starbright’, ’I Don’t Know Why’ (a third million-seller), ’It’s All Because’, ’Yessiree’, ’Bermuda’, ’Count Every Star’, ’Never In A Million Years’ and her first LP, ’Starlight, Starbright’, all of which are included herein.

    This is the first wholly comprehensive compilation of this body of work and includes a number of sides making their CD debuts, most notably that very first single, ’In-Between Teen’/’Lover Of The Year’.

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  • Orbison Roy - Original Mono Singles As & Bs (CD)


    There have been countless ROY ORBISON compilations over the years, but all too often overdubbed or stereo versions are used, which possess neither the presence nor the bite of his original mono 45rpm versions.

    Indeed, the best way to listen to Roy is to hear those original singles in glorious, pristine mono, sounding exactly as they did when you bought them all those decades ago.

    This compilation presents his first seventeen singles, released between 1956-62, on Je-Wel, Sun, RCA Victor and Monument, with one omission; the first, non-hit version of ’Ooby Dooby’ (NB: his Sun re-recording, which is included, was his first hit).

    Also included are his early million sellers ’Only The Lonely’, ’Blue Angel’, ’Runnin’ Scared’, ’Cryin”, and ’Dream Baby’.

    This is an intriguing body of work, and it is interesting to compare his very early 45s with the ten peerless singles herein, which he cut for Monument.

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  • Doug Sahm - Crazy, Crazy Feelin’ – The Definitive Early Doug Sahm (CD)


    Long before he tasted success with The Sir Douglas Quintet in the mid-1960s, DOUG SAHM had been cutting records since the mid-50s, starting in his early teens.

    Very much a child prodigy, Doug was proficient on five musical instruments and cut his first record, aged 14, billed as ’Little Doug & The Bandits’.

    This compilation anthologises his early recording career, from 1955 to 1962, across a half-dozen record labels.

    Many of these sides were popular local jukebox and radio hits, in and around San Antonio and Texas, at the time.

    Includes collectors’ items like ’Crazy Daisy’ (on Warrior), ’Why, Why, Why’ (on Harlem), and ’Crazy, Crazy Feelin”, ’Two Hearts In Love’ and ’Little Angel’ (all on Renner).

    This is the most comprehensive collection of Sahm’s pre-Sir Doug recordings ever assembled; much of this material is unavailable elsewhere and a dozen of these sides have never previously appeared on CD.

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  • Streisand Barbra - Birth of a Legend – 1962 Studio Recordings (CD)


    These recordings present BARBRA STREISAND immediately before she famously exploded onto the US market in 1963, with her first two million-selling Columbia albums.

    This unique compilation comprises her 1962 studio recordings in their entirety, viz: her first two singles for Columbia; the ten tracks she sings on from a pair of Soundtrack albums, I Can Get It For You Wholesale and Pins And Needles, also for Columbia; and a 10′ demo LP which she recorded for RCA Victor, who (bizarrely) passed on her.

    For decades, the RCA demo album represented the ’Holy Grail’ for Streisand collectors, as it has never previously been given a commercial release; it is included herein in its entirety, plus outtakes.

    The first comprehensive collection of her pre-superstardom studio recordings, this is the companion to another forthcoming Streisand/Jasmine release, ’BIRTH OF A LEGEND… 1961/62 Live Recordings’ (JASCD1116).

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  • Ace Buddy And Al 'TNT' Bragg - Meets (CD)


    Presenting two of the greatest soul singers to emerge from Texas, Buddy Ace and Al ’TNT’ Braggs. Both of these amazing talents were recorded by one of the most important Texas based labels of the 1950s & 60s, Duke Records.

    Both these great stars were famous for their live performances and Al ’TNT’ Braggs was the warm up act for Bobby Bland.

    This superb collection from Jasmine contains 26 excellent tracks which are highly collectable in their original 45 format.

    Fully detailed liner notes.

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  • Murphy Matt 'Guitar' - Matt ’Guitar’ Murphy in Session 1952-1961 – Memphis to Chicago (CD)


    The subject of this latest instalment of Jasmine’s now established series of famed bluesmen in session presents the internationally famous and respected guitarist Matt ’Guitar’ Murphy. Matt was internationally known because of his association with the actor /comedians, John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd aka The Blues Brothers.

    Features cuts from his early career as a sideman which saw him playing with such luminaries as: Junior Parker, Memphis Slim, Bobby Bland, Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry to name a few.

    Here then are 28 examples of Matt ’Guitar’ Murphy in session between 1952 and 1961.

    Fully detailed liner notes.

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  • Lindsay Reg - Australia’s Country Music Star… (CD)


    Ground breaking pioneer of Country music in Australia over a career that enjoyed success spanning five decades of radio, TV, records, concerts, tours.

    Although hailing from Australia, Reg had success in America becoming the first Australian to perform on the Saturday night Grand Ole Opry in Nashville and the first Australian country artist to be recognised with a plaque on Nashville’s Walkway of Stars.

    Here are 28 tracks from a rare period in his career from 1958-1962, taken mainly from scarce 45rpm singles and EPs recorded in Sydney and never previously released outside Australia and New Zealand.

    Hear his unique interpretations of the country hits of the day – Australian, Canadian and American – never emulating the originals.

    Liner notes by Country Music broadcaster and writer Paul Hazell.

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  • Nash Johnny - The Very Best of Johnny Nash- 1956-1962 (CD)


    Long before he became an internationally-renowned 1960s/70s Reggae star, JOHNNY NASH was a 1950s would-be teenage idol, with a string of releases for ABC-Paramount and Warner Bros.

    Between 1956-62 he enjoyed sporadic U.S. Pop success with songs like ’A Very Special Love’, ’You’re Looking At Me’, ’Almost In Your Arms’, ’The Teen Commandments’ (recorded with ABC labelmates Paul Anka and George Hamilton IV), ’Walk With Faith In Your Heart’, ’As Time Goes By’, ’Take A Giant Step’, the Phil Spector written & produced ’Some Of Your Lovin”, ’Don’t Take Away Your Love’, and ’Ol’ Man River’.

    These are all included on this compilation, alongside a number of collectors’ rarities, which presents the very best of Nash’s singles’ releases during this period.

    This is the first time that this body of work has been thus assembled, and several of these sides have never previously appeared on CD.

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  • Burnette Dorsey - The Very Best of – Hey Little One 1956-1962 (CD)


    A founder-member of the legendary Johnny Burnette Trio (and famously, the older brother of Johnny) DORSEY BURNETTE pursued a successful solo career after quitting the Trio in 1956.

    Between 1958 and 1962 he recorded prolifically for at least eight different record companies, cutting a fine body of work which includes a number of highly prized Rockabilly collectables.

    He enjoyed sporadic commercial success, notably with ’(There Was A) Tall Oak Tree’, ’Hey Little One’, ’Big Rock Candy Mountain’, ’The Ghost Of Billy Malloo’, and ’Feminine Touch’, all of which are included herein.

    This 34-track set is the first comprehensive compilation of his early career, across the many and various labels he recorded for during this period, kicking off with the Johnny Burnette Trio’s ’Midnight Train’, on which Dorsey took lead vocals.

    A half-dozen of these sides have never previously appeared on CD, making this a must-have for Dorsey Burnette fans.

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