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  • Presley Elvis - New Year’s Eve 2CD (CD)


    Legendaarinen uudenvuoden konsertti Pittsburghista vuoden 1976 ja 1977 vaihteesta. Huom! Tämä ei ole soundboard äänitys, vaan erittäin hyvä tasoinen yleisö nauhoitus. Sata kertaaparempi kuin aikaisemmat bootsi versiot!

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  • Presley Elvis - Studio B – Nashville Outtakes 1961-1964 (Käytetty CD)


    Ennenjulkaisemattomia studio-otoksia Elviksen Nashville äänityksistä v. 1961-1964.As a straight follow up to last year’s Fame And Fortune” this release covers Elvis’s non-movie sessions at RCA’s studio B in Nashville. The time period is June 1961 through January 1964. 23 cuts total.”

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  • Presley Elvis - Elvis At The International (CD)


    Elvis At The International was recorded by RCA in Stereo during Elvis Presley’s triumphant 1969 engagement (August 23, 1969 – Midnight Show) at the International Hotel in Las Vegas. In August 1969 Elvis Presley was bursting with a new enthusiasm and energy. ’In The Ghetto had just charted #3 in the US and Elvis needed to prove to his first Las Vegas audience that the King could reclaim his crown. This is the first ever complete concert released from 1969, with Elvis In Person being a compilation. There is a lot of ambience thus containing the live feel a concert CD should have. The audience is there with you all the time, without taking away the charm of any instrument or any vocal. A great show in great sound quality is all we can ask for. This is a brilliant CD, containing not only the best live version of ’Suspicious Minds released so far but showcases Elvis Presley in fabulous voice and great humor. This is the 20th FTD release and one of their very best, If you had to choose one Elvis show that you could have witnessed then this, August 23rd Midnight show, would have to be near the top of your list. After hearing this I won t be playing ’In Person again! Includes five (5) RARE Live Recordings. Unique performances include; Memories, Baby What You Want Me To Do, Runaway, Reconsider Baby and What’d I Say.

    Elvis was always on better form for the Las Vegas midnight shows (who could really enjoy performing while people ate dinner?) and there was also no deadline that he had to work to. It is obvious why RCA chose the 24th Dinner show recording for the ’Live In Las Vegas box-set 69 CD as that performance was smoother and more ’professional but that also made it more routine and, along with the disappointing audio mix, it also contained a lot of tape hiss. But here everything shines and even the audience response is at just the right level so you can really feel the vibe and excitement of being there.

    In the same way that ’TTWII captured Elvis at his professional live peak this CD perfectly captures so much more … The CD cover and inside photos are also one of FTD s best designs so far. What more could we ask for to start the New Year? A big thanks to mixer Dennis Ferrante for his best work so far. A big thanks to Ernst, Roger & the FTD team for one of their very best.

    Unique performances include; Memories, Baby What You Want Me To Do, Runaway, Reconsider Baby and What’d I Say.

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