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  • Meteors - In Heaven (CD)


    NYT UUSINTAJULKAISUNA!! Legendaarinen eka levy (1981) cd:nä. Psychobilly klassikko. MUST! Kaikille hyvän psychobilly diggareille!

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  • Demented Are Go - Original Albums Boxset (3CD/1DVD) (CD)


    One of THE great psychobilly bands, Demented Are Go blazed a furious trail through the 1980s with their increasingly rampant blend of rockabilly, punk rock and outsider instincts. This four disc set brings together their first four albums, originally issued on ID and Link Records, with a two show live film (including a recording from the Legendary Klub Foot).

    These albums continue to be in demand from new blood psychobilly fans and collectors alike, and the scene continues to thrive around the world. It is currently enjoying a huge renaissance in South America and Russia, for example, and remains very popular throughout Europe and in pockets of Asia.

    •    Albums packaged in mini LP replica wallets, and presented – along with a booklet – in a hard clamshell case.

    •    Mastered by The Sharks’ ‘Alan Wilson’.

    •    Contains countless classic originals and remarkable cover versions.

    •    Four albums and two live films across a 3CD/DVD set

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  • Guana Batz - Original Albums Plus Peel Sessions Collection (4CD Clamshell Box Set) (CD)


    •    The band’s first four classic psychobilly albums

    •    Plus four extremely rare radio sessions (16 tracks) recorded for legendary BBC DJ John Peel

    •    63 tracks on 4CDs

    •    Excellent value clamshell box set + mini LP reproduction wallet sleeves.

    •    Psychobilly pioneers’ key catalogue gathered together on one set for the first time!

    Klub Foot pioneers and rockabilly mainliners, Guana Batz have been one of THE cornerstone groups of the explosive psychobilly scene for over thirty years. Led by the irrepressible Pip Hancox, the band continues to perform today in Europe (with particularly strong fanbases in Germany and Netherlands) and in the United States.

    This catalogue has always sold strongly in individual editions, and is presented here collectively for the first time, along with the very rare radio session recordings.

    Essential catalogue for the psychobilly fanatic. The scene continues to mutate, grow and find new life around the globe. Beyond its European hardcore, it is currently enjoying great interest in South America (Brazil in particular) and in Russia, for example.

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  • Coffin Nails - Live And Rockin` (Käytetty CD)


    This album has been long since deleted and hard to find on vinyl and this is the first time that these tracks have been released on CD! The Coffin Nails are one of the scenes best- loved bands, still playing regularly and topping the bill at festivals all over the world. This will appeal to fans old and new as Psychobilly continues to go from strength to strength!

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  • Meteors - Original Albums Collection 5CD Boxset (CD)


    ince the dawn of time, psychobilly originators and figureheads The Meteors have set the standard for the angry blend of rockabilly, punk and dirty sci-fi horror blues that continues to find new fans around the world. Beloved of bikers, punks, rockabillies, goths, rockers, cowgirls and indie boys alike for over thirty years, the gaggle of pissed off boys who emerged from a succession of London rockabilly bands as the grim 70s lurched into the 80s has slowly mutated into a worldwide phenomenon, legends in their own lifetime and Godfathers of a scene that refused to die.

    This set – comprising five studio albums originally released between 1984 and 1988 – captures the band in their heyday, pummelling their way through seventy five album tracks, single mixes and b-sides. Packaged in individual LP sleeve replica wallets and a hard clamshell box, these records are ripe for rediscovery and re-examination, as is the psychobilly movement as a whole.

    ➢    5 Albums originally released in 1984-1988
    ➢    Plus bonus tracks – single mixes and b-sides
    ➢    LP sleeve replica wallets
    ➢    Booklet contains sleevenotes, relevant single sleeve packshots etc
    ➢    75 tracks, including b-sides and single mixes

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  • Turnpike Cruisers - Rockin Possessed 1984 – 1986 (CD)


    Stemming from the ZantI misfitz came The Turnpike Cruisers: a legendary Psychobilly combo, featuring Richard King (Bo Marino) on vocals, Karen Bentham on sax, Johnny Rumble on drums, Steve Borsley on trumpet, not to mention a fine array of guitarists and drummers who augmented these members on various numbers.Cherry Red are proud to release all three sessions, and for those that like to know these things, Sessions 1 & 2 were recorded at Park Lane Studios in February 1984 and Session 3 dates from 1986.

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  • Various - Psychobilly & Rockabilly Mayhem DVD (DVD)


    The Western Star recording studio was designed and built by veteran Rockabilly & Psychobilly musician/producer Alan Wilson – who is probably best known as founder member and front man of 80’s Psychobilly pioneers The Sharks.

    Since then the establishment has become a Mecca for Rockabilly and Psychobilly bands! This compilation DVD is a collection of promo videos of bands connected or associated with the studio. Most of which have been shot and edited by Western Star. Some have been commissioned especially for this DVD and the bands themselves make a few. The collection showcases bands old and new.. Big names from the scene such as The Frantic Flintstones, The Sharks and Frenzy rub shoulders with bands such as Luna Vegas, The Valentine Villains, The Bonneville Barons and Pretty Grim.

    Also included here are 3 promos by Jack Rabbit Slim, who hold the enviable title of best selling Rockabilly band of both 2006 and 2007. This band have just returned from headliner slot at the Viva Las Vegas festival and were also featured on a Radio 2 documentary this year. First time ever on DVD for this collection on rare and in some cases previously unseen material.

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  • Howlin` Wilf & The Vee-Jays - Ya Ya – Live DVD (DVD)


    It seems as though everyone is singing the praises of newly discovered sensation James Hunter. The comparisons to greats such as Sam Cooke and James Brown are just – although he is no imitator. Hunter is blessed with a wonderfully natural vocal, which shines when he performs his soulful Rhythm & Blues. His 2006 album People Gonna Talk” was his U.S. breakthrough, but the James Hunter story actually begins some 20 years earlier. In 1986 Hunter formed his first Rhythm & Blues band The Veejays, taking on the pseudonym Howlin’ Wilf. They were soon the heppest cats in Camden Town – popular enough to give up their day jobs and go pro!

    Within a year, Howlin’ Wilf & The Veejays has cut their first album, the Boz Boorer produced ”Cry Wilf”, and had appeared on national TV courtesy of legendary music-show ”The Tube”. As the 1980s progressed, Wilf and the band issued a steady stream of vinyl, skipping from label to label including Waterfront and Un-American activities. Their popularity as a live act saw them tour throughout Europe and into the USA, until the end of 1989 when the band split. Hunter’s new-found popularity has also been marked by the 20th anniversary CD re-issue of his debut ”Cry Wilf” album (Big Beat Records CDWIKM 51) ”Ya Ya” features a full show from The Veejays 1987 UK tour.”

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  • Coffin Nails - Live And Rockin` (CD)


    This album has been long since deleted and hard to find on vinyl and this is the first time that these tracks have been released on CD! The Coffin Nails are one of the scenes best- loved bands, still playing regularly and topping the bill at festivals all over the world. This will appeal to fans old and new as Psychobilly continues to go from strength to strength!

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  • Various - Psycho Killers (CD)


    This Psychobilly compilation contains 25 songs where all tracks are themed on Murderers/Serial Killers. Artists featured on this compilation include The Meteors, the Sharks, Frantic Flintstones, Demented Are Go and The Coffin Nails. The compilation contains many previously rare and unreleased tacks. Psychobilly seems to be more popular than ever these days and this comp’ will be of interest to diehard fans and newcomers alike. This attention grabbing compilation is a mixture of older established bands and young fresh psycho blood!

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  • Various - Rockin` At The Take Two (CD)


    This CD has been packed with tracks, as it is actually 2 albums on one CD. Both of these albums were previously unavailable until now and to add to that the CD also contains bonus tracks which were not on the last released version of the CD.

    This CD contains many of the scenes top names such as Demented Are Go, The Deltas and The Frantic Flintstones as well as some other obscure and interesting bands.

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  • Jets - Pure Cotton (DVD)


    NO NIIN VIHDOINKIN LÖYTYY!!! The first ever DVD to feature one of the great Rockabilly acts of all time – The Jets. First formed in 1974 as a four piece Rock’n’Roll band, specialising in the ’50s era, The Jets settled on a three piece line up and a name change in 1978.The band were a family concern – Eldest brother Bob Cotton on lead vocals and double bass, middle brother Ray Cotton on lead guitar and vocals, and last but not least youngest brother Tony Cotton on drums and vocals. A recording career soon came around and the three brothers were snapped up by EMI, achieving Top Twenty hit records and albums. Pop videos and appearances on TV shows such as Top Of The Pops, gave The Jets valuable experience and chance to travel the world doing what they do best.

    Touring has been in THE JETS blood since ’78, as they’ve headlined their own tours and been part of the bill on numerous festivals. The band’s frenetic and energy packed live shows is always a treat for their legions of die-hard fans. The band continue to tour to the present day across the UK and into continental Europe. Pure Cotton” captures the band at their live best during a UK tour of 1992. The set list features many of their all-time favourites. The Jets had eight UK chart hit singles from 1981-1984, including two top thirty entries and a top thirty album ”100 Percent Cotton”.”

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  • Batfinks - Wazzed`n`Blasted (CD)








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