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  • Presley Elvis - Elvis At The Hilton 2CD -A Concert Double Feature September 2, 1973 (Käytetty CD)


    CD 1 includes the complete “3 A.M.” Show while

    CD 2 includes the complete Dinner Show – both dated September 2, 1973. It was the summer of 1973 – “Labor Day Weekend” brought thousands of visitors to Las Vegas, the “Entertainment Capital City of the World” and Elvis – again – was the most requested performer people wanted to see in Concert. No wonder the Colonel agreed when being asked to schedule a special “3 A.M. Show” on Sunday morning (Sept. 2) to fulfill the many requests for tickets. Elvis was so popular in Vegas, it is hard to compare with any of today´s artists. So it is never a fault to say that Elvis was indeed the “King Of Vegas”. For our first release and with all the technical help we could get from our friends from the “Straight Arrow” Label we were able to obtain two rare shows, both from September 2, 1973. We were given the opportunity to work with the original tapes, recorded at the showroom of the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel by a very well-known and a hundred percent devoted Elvis-Fan. Both shows have been recorded with a tape-recorder brought in secretly and have to be called “typical audience recordings”, though clearly ones which are of real good quality for that type of recordings.

    Did you know, that Elvis rode on the back of “Memphis Mafia-Member” Lamar Fike when entering the stage at this early morning show of September 2? He was clearly in a playful and funny mode in the morning hours of this Sunday and it was showing in many parts of this concert. We all know the photos from the Closing Show of this engagement (just one day later) where Elvis did the same (riding on Lamar´s back but this time with a toy monkey on HIS shoulders) – but that was not the first time Elvis did such a “special” start of the show. Anyhow, this is just a small piece of information we collected for the 16-page booklet which accompanies the release. You will read many details regarding those two shows, written down by witnesses just barely one hour after the shows ended – up at their hotel room at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel!

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