Broken Silence

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  • FISHGUTZZZ - And His Ignorant Band LP & CD (LP)

    Founding member, upright bass player and co-writer for the GODDAMN GALLOWS, Fishgutzzz has stepped out on his own to release a full length record. Available through Farmageddon records in the US and Crazy Loves new imprint, Broken Neck Records, in Europe, it is not your typical solo record.
         Pulling members from today’s best underground roots bands including Jayke Orvis and theBroken Band, Carrie Nation And The Speakeasy, Calamity Cubes and Sean &Zander, the album has a wide range of songs. From the stripped down acoustic and kick drum, ’Copper King’ a song confessing the singers love of stealing ’green gold’ to the all out blasting brass, fiddle and mandolin of ’I Am The Sky’, a twin tale of murder and the cycle of life.
         The albums strength is not only in the masterful instrumentation of the albums many guests but also the word smithing, a poetic interpretation of real life events. The listener feels that he HAS just traveled with his dog in boxcars looking for the lost love he could never find or spent his last days waltzing through the alleyways, waiting for the end of times. But the final song is the most revealing and stripped away. A quiet, sad and lonely one, it is the story of a man simply going to bed and waking up again. Punctuated by a voicemail poem by American troubadour Sean wheeler, the album ends in the blowing  sands of  a lonely desert.
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  • Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space - Anatomy Of The Dead (CD)


    Excellent live album from Vienna’s Horrorbilly Zombies.21 songs recorded over two shows, including gruesome gems like Cannibal Holocaust, Nightmare In A Damaged Brain, Mondo Video as well as a covers of Frenzy’s classic I See Red and The Clash’s Lost In A Supermarket.

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