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  • Guster John - Bits And Pieces (CD)


    John Guster features a crew of different great musicians on this hot new release. They are known from bands like King Louie Combo, The Noisy Boys, The Grizzly Family, Mars Attacks and there’s even a duo with U.S. Honey Bees singer Barbara Clifford !

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  • Jill`s Cocktail Band - Blue Skies (CD)


    At last Blue Lake Records is proud to announce the release of a full-length CD from Jill’s Cocktail Band!

    As expected from Jill, the songs mostly date back to the 20s and 30s and have been recorded to sound authentic of the times – with no frills or special effects.

    In additon to some popular numbers, which you may well recognise, this compilation also contains several rare, really catchy tunes – all presented in Jill’s original style, featuring fantastic instrumentals from some top English jazz musicians.

    If you love swing and jazz, (and a couple of beautiful romantic ballads), you’ll love this albumn – a tribute to the wonderful song writers of yesteryear.

    The band is basically a Jazz and Swing band. Jazz being simply the term used to define the popular music, which originated from America in the early 20th century, and Swing being the term given to the new” style of dance music pioneered by the big bands in the mid 1930’s.

    We aim to portray a nostalgic style in appearance and performance, reminiscent of the 20’s to 40’s period. You won’t find any wild vocal interpretations or scat in our music. Our goal is to present a style representative of the times in which the songs were written. We create our own simple arrangements from the original lead sheets and aim to be a tribute to the wonderful American song and lyric writers of a bygone era.”

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  • Rockets - Space Mission (CD)


    he Rockets are back with a brand new singer who no only brought with him a great voice but also his skills as a composer. Add a couple of songs written by the other members of the band and this brings us to 10 original songs in this album.

    The high quality of the compositions is reflected in the variety of styles present in this album, classic rockabilly with I Got You”, Johnny Cash style with ”They Gonna Blame Me”, foot tapping stroller with ”Jump From 9 To 5”, melodic style with ”20 Miles From Dover”, sax rocker with ”Drive” and more…

    Don’t forget the high quality of these musicians and their commitment to make this great music alive and you’re all set for your space mission !”

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  • Ella & The Roosters - Miss A-Bomb (CD)


    Hot! European rockabilly & Rock ’n’ Roll from Ella & her Roosters. Attractive digipak design.Many were thinking that it was not real…some said it was just a urban legend….but no it’s finally here ! The debut album of Ella & The Roosters will hit you like an A-Bomb….! Ella’s powerfull voice is backed by the Roosters, a trio of the best musicians from the Barcelona area, for a fantastic rock’n’roll / Rhythm’n’Blues sound.

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  • Wuanabees - Where Did They Get That Strut (CD)


    The presence in Europe of the two female singers of the Chicago band The Honey Bees was a too good occasion to be missed ! Soon an unrehearsed studio band was organised, with the hopes of recording something that could be used for a sampler.

    The results exceeded the hopes ! Not only two tracks were released on the sampler Lake Rattle & Roll vol. 1″, but the rest was too good to be forgotten and here it is !”

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  • Jerry & The Rockets - Takin’ Off (Digipak) (CD)


    Well, you’ve seen these Swiss boys before – most of the members of Jerry and the Rockets have played with well known bands. You may also recognize them from the way your hands start clapping and your feet start stomping.

    All these wildly talented boys present here their first CD, showing off their skills on tracks ranging from genuine hillbilly to piano rockers to wild rockabilly to slow country ! What’s more half of the tracks are self written numbers !

    Blast off with Jerry and the Rockets, I guarantee you’ll enjoy the ride !

    Again a digipack + the usual video !

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  • King Louie Combo - Big Train (CD)


    We have been waiting a very long time for the King Louie Combo to release their second album.

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  • Mars Attacks - Circle Of Love (Käytetty CD)


    Authentic tyylin rockabillyä hyvällä asenteella, ja mikä parasta omia biisej

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  • Mars Attacks - Circle Of Love (CD)


    Authentic tyylin rockabillyä hyvällä asenteella, ja mikä parasta omia biisejä!

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  • Loda Johnny - That`s Me (Käytetty CD)


    Playing in Italy for more than 20 years in different bands where he proved to be one of the best guitar players in the land, Johnny Loda brings out at last his first album as a solo artist.

    Far away from all the sterile discussion about the matter, his song list dips as well out of old traditionnal country like the cover of Carl Smith Go, Boy, Bo”, as out of newer rockabilly bands like the Velvetones ”Back In The Cruel World”. Of course he stops by great rockabilly classics like Jimmy Lloyd’s ”Where The Rio De Rosa Flows”. He also has an open mind for his own compositions, where he can switch from a sweet country ballad as in ”Sweet 50’s Girl”, to winking at the rockabilly authentic trend with the wild ”I Don’t Need”.

    Johnny Loda…That’s him…! A great musician with an italian flavour and a great CD with a vintage sound ! Also features a 12 minutes video.”

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