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  • Woodrow Adams - This Is The Blues Vol. 4 (LP)


    Woodrow Wilson Adams earned his living driving a tractor in rural Mississippi, and his records offer a fascinating insight into the music of a non-professional Delta blues musician.

    He learned to play both harmonica and guitar during his childhood, but was 35 years old before he made his first record. He released singles between 1952 and 1961. The first of the singles, issued between 1952 and 1961, was an extremely rough, unpolished performance in the Mississippi-based Chicago blues style of the time, but by the time the third was released, there was an attempt to update his sound to more commercial R&B. None of these records enjoyed any success, although his Sun and Meteor recordings are cult among blues and rockabilly collectors today. The complete Woodrow legacy is released for the first time here on Be! Sharp Records.

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