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  • Ghoultown - Ghost Of The Southern Son (CD)


    Uusi albumi! NYT VIHDOINKIN TULI LISÄÄ!! Kysytty niin maan paljon!

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  • Ghoultown - Life After Sundown (CD)


    Kovasti kysytty ja haluttu albumi! LIFE AFTER SUNDOWN showcases the band’s unique sound like never before! With top-notch production by Chris Telkes (BURY THEM DEEP), another amazing cover by Dan Brereton, guest players, and powerful songwriting, this will definitely prove to be a landmark release in the Ghoultown catalog. Ghoultown are the reigning kings of hellbilly music with a sound incapable of being reproduced! Life After Sundown is Sheer Genius!” – Twisted Hillbilly Magazine

    ”Every track is a winner… the ultimate embodiment of tequila drinking hillbilly rock.” – Synergy Magazine

    ”Ghoultown’s most complete album to date. Chasing worms, dueling with deadites and train rides to hell, Life After Sundown gets dark, dusty and cruel.” – Rue Morgue Magazine”

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