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  • Hewitt Ben - They Would Call Me Elvis (Käytetty LP/12)


    Upea albumi! Elvis tyylistä kamaa 50-luvulta. Hienot tuplakannet!

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  • Carter Bill - Cool Tom Cat (10″LP + CD) (10``LP)


    1-LP (10″/25cm) with 12 page booklet, bonus CD. 12 tracks (LP), 24 tracks (CD). Total playing time approx. 28 min. (LP), 53 min. CD.

    Bill Carter: fantastic rocker from Arkansas!

    Luxury edition consisting of a 10″ vinyl LP plus CD with large-format booklet – containing all his rockers from 1954 to 1961!

    For example: recordings for 4-Star Records with the Carolina Drifters.

    The CD contains bonus tracks by Bill Carter and the Carolina Drifters as well as all the rockers released on the Indio label by Clyde Arnold and Ray Smith, among others.
    Carter was rediscovered by Mark Lee Allen, who interviewed him several times and wrote the booklet introduction.
    Bill Carter has personally supported our project!   Roland Heinrich wrote the detailed liner notes.

    Bill Carter was born in 1929 in Eagleton, Arkansas, moved with his family to Oklahoma in 1937 and six years later to Indio in California. His family encouraged his interest in music at an early age and provided funding for singing lessons when Bill was in his teens. Local radio stations presented him before he joined the US Air Force in 1949. During his military service in California he formed his first C&W bands and performed in the San Francisco area and even at a radio station in San Antonio, Texas.

    After completing his military service in 1953 Carter joined Jim DeNoone’s country band as a singer and performed at the ’California Hayride’ in San Francisco. In the same year, Bill Carter was the vocalist on the band’s recording sessions for Gilt-Edge Records. Finally, he formed his own trio, with whom he worked regularly over the next five years, pursuing the goal of becoming known beyond the local area. Between 1956 and 1961, Carter recorded under his own name for small and medium-sized labels such as 4-Star, Republic, Tally, Black Jack, Honey B, ’D’, Rural Rhythm and Ozark. The up-tempo number ’I Wanna Feel Good’, produced for Tally in Bakersfield, California in 1957, became his biggest hit and opened the doors to the ’Louisiana Hayride’ and the ’Grand Ole Opry’. Finally, in 1959 he ventured into Rockabilly and recorded ’Cool Tom Cat’.

    In the following years Carter followed a new musical orientation and also produced gospel oriented material, not only under his own name. He took part in other recording sessions as a singer and worked as a producer. In the first half of the 1960s he participated in recordings for no less than thirteen different record companies. It was during this period that Bill Carter became a convinced Christian and met a brother in spirit in the Baptist preacher Leonard Sipes, who formerly called himself Tommy Collins. From then on, Carter’s main focus was on Christian music, which he also brought to the stage with his own formation, the Bill Carter Singers, founded in 1969.

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  • Darin Bobby - Highlight (10``LP)

    1-LP 10inch (limited to 500 copies – green vinyl), 12 tracks.
    • 1:1 reproduction of an extremely rare Japanese pressing as limited collector’s edition!
    • Probably first released in 1961 – no details are known.
    • Originals are sold for more than $500 … if you see one offered!
    • Original Atco recordings from 1959 to 1961.
    • A total of four bonus tracks, including Eden Ahbez’s great composition ’Nature Boy’ as well as ’You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby’, ’Queen Of The Hop’ and ’Mighty Mighty Man’.
    • Bobby Darin’s repertoire was never limited to straight rock & roll, he liked timeless swinging pop and jazz numbers like ’Beyond The Sea’ or ’Mack The Knife’.
    • Carefully remastered for superior sound quality and pressed on high-quality vinyl!
    • Limited to 500 colored copies!
    Bobby Darin was born in New York City in 1936 and first appeared in local coffee houses in the mid-1950s. A first single from that time, ’My First Love’, went down without causing much attention.

    Connie Francis’ manager got him an appearance in the ’Tommy Dorsey Show’ and also got him a record deal with Decca Records. His debut single for the label, a cover version of ’Rock Island Line’, and other releases between 1956 and ’58 left no trace. It was only with his move to Atco Records and the 1958 ’Queen Of The Hop’, which sold millions of copies, that his career took off. In the following years he landed a total of four Top 10 hits, including the number one hits ’Dream Lover’ (USA) and ’Mack The Knife’ from the Threepenny Opera (UK) – awarded with a Grammy!

    Bobby Darin died in California on December 20, 1973. In 1990 he was inducted into the ’Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’ and nine years later into the ’Songwriters Hall of Fame’. Finally, in 2010 his life’s work was honored with a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

    With the exact reproduction of an extremely rare Japanese 25cm LP – strictly limited to 500 colored copies – Bear Family releases twelve recordings from his most successful recording period!

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  • Various - That’ll Flat Git It! Vol. 37 – Rockabilly & Rock ’n’ Roll From The Vaults Of Capitol Records (CD)


    1-CD (Digipak) with 36 page booklet, 35 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 minutes.

    The second CD compilation with Rockabilly and Rock ’n’ Roll recordings from the catalog of the first major label residing at the US West Coast, Capitol Records of Los Angeles.

    The first volume was released in the 90’s as ’That’ll Flat Git It! Vol.3’ (BCD15624).

    Some of the best known rockers of the time recorded for Capitol: Wanda Jackson, Gene Vincent, Tommy Sands, Jack Scott.
    Our compilation also presents musicians like Bob Luman, Hank Thompson or Cliffie Stone – less known but by no means musically weaker!

    Carefully restored and remastered recordings.

    DeLuxe packaging with extensive liner notes by Bill Dahl and detailed discographic information.
    As the first major label based on the West Coast when it opened its doors in 1942, Capitol Records was knee-deep in country and rockabilly throughout its early heyday. Capitol’s rockabilly legacy is amply illustrated on this exciting collection, which takes in the label’s best-known rockers (Wanda Jackson, Gene Vincent, Tommy Sands, Jack Scott) as well as the no-hit wonders that makes this series so revelatory. Future country stars Jerry Reed, Roy Clark, Bob Luman, Darrell McCall, and Del Reeves, veteran C&W luminaries Skeets McDonald, Sonny James, Rose Maddox, Cliffie Stone, and Hank Thompson, and former Bill Haley bandsmen The Jodimars and Nashville’s favorite backing vocalists The Jordanaires are all here rocking. So are Nick Greene, Kenny Loran, Johnny Fallin, Bobby Louis, Ronnie and Roy, and Gary Von Ilg, who all certainly deserved a higher profile than their mere handful of rare Capitol 45s received. Since Capitol maintained a sizable presence in both Los Angeles and Nashville under Ken Nelson’s A&R supervision, both of those recording centers are prominent throughout this jam-packed disc. To quote Ray Stanley’s raucous track on this disc, Let’s Get Acquainted with Capitol’s spectacular rockabilly history!

    N o t e :
    For technical reasons Vol. 37 was moved up. BCD17605 ’That’ll Flat Git It! Vol.36 (TNT)’ will be released March 5, 2021.

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  • Various - Destination Lust Pt. 2 – Chicksville U.S.A. – The World Of Love, Sex and Violence – 33 Erotic Fantasies (CD)

    1-CD with 16-page booklet – 33 Tracks – Total playing time approx. 79:00 min. 
    • Finally – the second part of the seductive first release is available, another crazy compilation of the most beautiful ’minor matter’ in the world: love, sex and all its varieties! 
    • Rare and interesting things at a spectacularly low price as part of the ’Destination’ series on Bear Family.
    • Welcome to ’Chicksville U.S.A.’! We present more than 30 historical-erotic jewels, pleasurable items from the 1950s and 60s!
    • What would ’Chicksville U.S.A.’ be without the movie goddess Marilyn Monroe and her fellow artist Jayne Mansfield!
    • There are also plenty of ’bombshells’ from the music scene of the time: Pat Morrissey, Kay Martin, Dorothy Collins, Dinah Washington and two rarities from Frances Day as Gale Warning!
    • Concentrated femininity creates wordless men: burlesque instrumentals by Sam ’The Man’ Taylor, Barney Kessel and the Upsetters are the answer.
    • Hits and rarities are combined here, many for the first time on CD! 
    • The richly illustrated full-color booklet contains song-by-song notes by Marc Mittelacher.
    Erotic retrospect into earlier decades
    Eroticism and sexuality was officially not an issue in the first decades after the war. But unofficially, behind closed doors, in dark, smoky clubs, strip joints, and under the counter, they let it all hang out. They did it just as wildly as today, but not as obviously. They preferred to sing about it rather than talk about it behind closed doors, because music seemed to be more harmless, although these recordings show the opposite.
    Destination: Lust
    The erotic-slippery journey towards lust continues! Erotic voices, such as those of Pat Morrissey, Cleo Laine, Mabel Scott and of course Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield, make you want more. With so much concentrated femininity the men are left without words, and Sam ’The Man’ Taylor, Barney Kessel and Little Richard’s accompanying band The Upsetters respond with burlesque instrumentals. Dinah Washington sings ”the thing” to her boyfriend and Big Jay McNeely answers with ’Man Eater’. 

    The great listening pleasure also takes you into the rooms of sweet pain, Lincoln Chase’s rare recording ’Sweet Torture’ and ’Slave Chain’ by The Spinners. Ruth Wallis’ statement about the many varieties of sex: ’Man, It’s A Jungle’! We broke our way through the jungle of lustful music, and here again we combined very rare titles with nostalgic hits. Marilyn’s song ’I Want To Be Loved By You’ from the movie ’Some Like It Hot’ is legendary! And the rarities, some of them are here again on CD for the first time! 

    Among them a complete Pye single by Frances Day under the pseudonym Gale Warning, which contains a rare erotic version of Elvis Presley’s ’Heartbreak Hotel’. In addition recordings of Kay Martin, Felix and His Fabulous Cats and the Spanish Senoritas of Hermanas Serrano, who sing about the legendary ’Casanova’! A wicked atmosphere is created when mambo sounds, go-go sounds and tittyshakers alternate with orchestral numbers, be it Berlingeri with his orchestra, Diane Maxwell’s rare Challenge recording, or Que Martin and His Band. Another highlight is the British Peter Jay and The Jaywalkers, who not only take us back to the glory days of the Parisian Folies Bergère with their version of the French ’Can Can’, but also bring this compilation to a brilliant end. The CD comes with annotations for each song and many photos and illustrations in the 16-page booklet!

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  • Brown Clarence Gatemouth - Rocks (CD)

    1-CD (trifold digipak) with 36 page booklet, 29 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 min.
    T-Bone Walker, the ’inventor of the electric blues guitar’, opened the gate and young guys like Johnny ’Guitar’ Watson and Clarence ’Gatemouth’ Brown raced through!
    • In the late 1940s, young Clarence ’Gatemouth’ Brown first conquered the stages of his home state of Texas with incredible energy and speed.
    • Clarence ’Gatemouth’ Brown revolutionized the way of playing the electric guitar and remains a role model for whole generations of blues guitarists to this day.
    • Recordings from 1947 to 1960 for Aladdin and Peacock.
    • Compilation of Clarence ’Gatemouth’ Brown brilliant, up-tempo numbers – both instrumental and vocal!
    • Carefully mastered from the best possible sources.
    • Detailed and enjoyable biography by Bill Dahl in an extensive and illustrated booklet & discography.
    One evening in 1947 T-Bone Walker and his band headlined the then popular and huge Bronze Peacock Club in Houston. Walker had to interrupt his show for health reasons – an opportunity that the 23-year-old did not miss. On the instructions of the club owner he took T-Bone Walker’s guitar and went on stage. ”It was the first time I played guitar in public. Well, this crowd, man, we had about 800 people in there, and it was an all black audience. And I went up there and immediately invented ’Gatemouth Boogie’. I made about $600 in tips in about 15 minutes. That was a lot of money back then.”   
    Don Robey, the club owner, became his patron and producer. Dissatisfied with the first recordings produced for Aladdin in Los Angeles in 1947, he founded his first own record company, Peacock Records, for which Gatemouth produced exclusively until the early 1960s.
    Chicago music historian and blues expert Bill Dahl has put together this luxuriously crafted CD album for Bear Family Records®, featuring the most exciting and innovative faster guitar recordings of Clarence ’Gatemouth’ Brown.  This is the most comprehensive and competent story about a chapter in Texas blues guitar history, which became so important for the future development of modern blues. The fat booklet contains the excitingly told biography, plus many photos, illustrations and a discography of the recordings on this album.
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  • Moore Merrill - Boogie My Blues Away (Käytetty CD)


    …comes the boogie-woogie country boy, Merrill Moore. While you can sure hear the roots in Pete Johnson, Meade Lux Lewis etc., Moore isn’t strictly boogie-woogie, rockabilly, country swing, or country, but there’s no question that all of those styles are right at home with him. What’s more, he’s been at this since 1950, predating most rockabilly artists. But again, he’s a mixer that isn’t easily pegged down. If you’re a fan of Bob Wills, Moon Mullican, boogie-woogie piano, country style rockabilly, newer artists like Wayne Hancock, Dale Watson etc. and you’d like to go to the well, this is the ticket. Merrill believes in speed, so don’t expect something cool and jazzy-think hillbilly boogie and you’ll be on the right track. His version of ”House of Blue Lights” is one of the best ever recorded. Moore never had a real hit, not because the material wasn’t there, but in the early 50’s Capitol just didn’t know what to do with him. You might think of him as something like Jerry Lee Lewis without the baggage. Same ability to cross genres without losing credibility but not quite as unhinged as the Killer can get. If you like any of this style of music you really can’t go wrong with this set. Merrill played well into the nineties, and for all we know he’s still pounding the keys somewhere tonight. God bless him!

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  • Ford Tennessee Ernie - Songs Of The Civil War (Käytetty CD)


    Kaksi legendaarista albumia nyt samalla cd:llä! American Civil War enthusiasts have long treasured Tennessee Ernie Ford’s ’Civil War Songs Of The South’ and ’Civil

    War Songs Of The North.’ Released by Capitol Records in 1961 at the start of the Civil War Centennial, these albums

    gathered long-forgotten patriotic numbers, dramatic saga songs, rousing camp sing-alongs and sentimental parlor tunes

    from the bloody four-year conflict between the Union and Confederate states.

    Both albums stand as a testament to Ford’s sensitivity and versatility as a vocalist. No other American popular singer of

    his era could interpret such diverse, historic material as effortlessly as Ford did on his Civil War albums. He breezes

    through spirited comic songs with the same light-hearted touch that made him one of the country’s most beloved

    television personalities. His somber, unforgettable bass-baritone vocals on Lorena and The Vacant Chair underscore the

    sadness and despair that inspired these laments. Ford’s musical director Jack Fascinato skillfully blended elements of

    period authenticity into arrangements that would appeal to contemporary audiences.

    Ford fans and Civil War enthusiasts alike have long waited for a definitive compact disc reissue of these classic albums.

    An earlier Capitol CD collection, released after Ken Burns’ acclaimed 1990 documentary series The Civil War aired on

    American public television, slipped out of print before anyone knew it existed. Copies now fetch more than US$100 on

    collectors’ markets – when they turn up at all.

    This Bear Family compact disc finally restores all twenty-four songs from these landmark LPs. This reissue also includes

    a booklet containing the complete lyrics for each song – including verses that Ford and Fascinato edited from their

    recordings – and new notes on the songs and original albums by Dave Samuelson.

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  • Cash Johnny & Carl Perkins - I Walk The Line/Little Fauss And Big Halsy (Käytetty CD)


    2 soundtrack levyä samalla cd:llä.

    Johnny Cash’s two soundtrack albums have become collectors’ items over the years. In 1970, he and Carl Perkins wrote the themesong and incidental music for the cult Robert Redford biker movie ’Little Fauss And Big Halsy,’ and Johnny wrote the music for a John Frankenheimer movie originally titled ’September Country,’ then re-titled ’I Walk The Line.’ Rather than recycle old recordings, Johnny and Carl made all new recordings for these two soundtracks,  even if a few of the songs were of older vintage. Although the songs work best in the context of the movies, both albums work excellently as standalone music. The songs for ’I Walk The Line’ in particular, capture the torment of a small town sheriff (Gregory Peck) tortured by his love for a young girl (Tuesday Weld). The Bear Family reissue CD comprising both these long-deleted albums.

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  • Cash Johnny & Carter June - It`s All In The Family (Käytetty CD)


    ”ust recently, June Carter issued a well-received solo album, her first in a long time. As she explains in interviews, she has spent the last few years looking after her husband, Johnny Cash. June’s last great solo album was ’Appalachian Pride’, dating from 1976, now reissued by Bear Family.

    Despite the fact that she grew up on the road with her famous mother, Maybelle, June has always been intensely proud of her family’s roots in Appalachia. That was never more evident than on these recordings where she lends her personal stamp to songs like East Virginia Blues, Another Broken Hearted Girl and Big Balls In Nashville.

    ’Appalachian Pride’ has been rounded out with Johnny Cash’s children album, ’The Johnny Cash Children Album’ on which Johnny (with some help of his family: June Carter Cash and Rosey Nix) makes music for everyone’s family. The titles include: I Gotta Boy (And His Name Is John) (& JUNE CARTER CASH); Little Green Fountain (& JUNE CARTER CASH & ROSEY NIX), The Mystery Of Number Five and Ben Dewberry’s Final Run. Here’s a rarely heard side of Johnny Cash. The Man in Black lightens up!

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