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  • Williams Hank - I`ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive (DVD)


    * Region 0

    * Commentaries from Dave Alvin (The Blasters)

    * Interview with Wolfgang Büld & Olaf Kraemer

    * Hank Ray – Men with broken hearts

    * Hank Ray – Cold Death Angels Embrace”

    * Al & the Black Cats – ”When the lights hit her eyes”


    In the 80’s director Wolfgang Büld made two of the best music documentary’s of that time: ”Punk In London” and ”Punk In England”. Over 15 years later he filmed together with Olaf Kraemer an intensive portrait about ”the Shakespeare of Country & Rockabilly” – Hank Williams! A legend so enduring that he is still the model for countless singers and songwriters.

    On the dusty roads and hometowns of Alabama, Büld & Kraemer searching for Williams’ stations of life, his career, his unforgetable music, his success and his private problems with drugs and alcohol up to William’s tragical death in 1953. Interviews with old companions, friends, band and family members shot on the original locations make this documentary to a ”must have” for all music-fans!”

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